Zyliss Knife Reviews 2021 – A Great Brand of Switzerland

Indeed, you must have heard of the remarkable Swiss innovations that are Zyliss kitchen tools and gadgets. The brand boasts of almost seventy years of experience producing kitchenware, and today, we will take a closer look at some of the knives they make. Here are our best Zyliss knife reviews.

Overview of Zyliss Knives Brand

While Zyliss may not be the most popular knife brand, it is certainly well-known in some quarters and among people who have used kitchenware extensively. Zyliss is a Swiss brand that offers a wonderful selection of some of the best kitchen tools you can get today. The brand was established in Switzerland in 1951 by Karl Zysett, and ever since, they have delivered appealing and carefully crafted kitchen tools.

According to the company, they are not only concerned about making functional and durable kitchenware; one of the main aims is to delight all who use their products, hence the tie and dedication devoted to the design and production of these wonderful Swiss innovations. With their 70 years of consistency in the industry, it is not so hard to see why Zyliss has managed to become of the respected international kitchenware brands at this present time.

Top 3 Best Zyliss Knife Set Reviews

Rank Knife Set Price
1 Zyliss 6 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Sheath Covers Check on Amazon
2 Zyliss Control Series 16 Piece Knife Block Value Set Check on Amazon
3 Zyliss Control Chef’s Knife Set Check on Amazon

1. Zyliss 6 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Sheath Covers – Most Recommended

Zyliss knives stand out, and you can tell by simply looking at this amazing knife set from the brand. The –piece knife value set features a paring knife, santoku, chef’s knife, serrated knife, utility knife, and a peeling knife. What that implies is that you get a decent variety of knives for different cutting tasks in your kitchen. Whether a professional chef or an occasional cook, it would certainly be nice to have this set at hand in your kitchen.

The blades are made from high carbon stainless steel, so you have nothing to worry about as regards durability. Furthermore, the handles are ergonomically designed and are rubberized for improved grip and comfort. The colorful designs of the handles do add some aesthetics to the knife set, but some people find them rather too colorful. Each knife has a sheath cover that protects the user from accidental cuts and keeps the blade in good condition. The level of sharpness and sharpness retaining is also commendable. The knives are dishwasher safe, but we always advise hand cleaning.

Pros + Key Features

  • High carbon stainless steel blades
  • Rubberized handles
  • 5 year Zyliss warranty
  • The knives retain sharpness well

2. Zyliss Control Series 16 Piece Knife Block Value Set

This 16 piece Control Series knife set from Zyliss is one of the most complete knife sets you will ever get. It significantly differs from the Zyliss 6 Piece Knife Set we reviewed earlier. Featuring a large variety of knives that include a bread knife, santoku, carving knife, shears, steak knives, and many more, we can confidently say that not a lot of knife sets offer a similarly complete cutting experience. Thankfully, it comes with a block that holds the knives and shields the blades when they are not in use.

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Additionally, the knives have antibacterial removable sheaths for added protection, and these sheaths are dishwasher-safe. The blades are made from high-quality German steel material, and they are ultra-sharp for all cutting tasks. The contoured handles are comfortable to hold for both big and small hands. However, one seemingly negligible feature that we found impressive is the finger and thumb rest touch points that helps to achieve balanced and more controlled cutting. If what you need is a reasonably-priced and complete knife set for your restaurant or home kitchen, you should take a look at the Zyliss Control Series 16 Piece Knife Block Value Set.

Pros + Key Features

  • Lifetime Zyliss warranty
  • Storage block included
  • Contoured and non-slip handles
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Universally sized knife slots

3. Zyliss Control Chef’s Knife Set

You don’t have to be a professional chef to own some chef knives. If you are a cooking enthusiast, you will find these versatile cutting tools one of the most essential in your kitchen space. This chef’s knife set from Zyliss features an 8” chef’s knife and a 6.5” chef’s knife, so they can complement each other when a longer or shorter knife is required. Just like with the knives that come in the Control Series 16 Piece set, these knives feature safety touch points, at the upper part of the blade near the handle, for a faster and more controlled cutting motion.

The antibacterial contoured handles are comfortable to grip and cut with, and they are also designed to fit both small and large hands. The razor-sharp blades are made with High quality X50CrMoV15 German steel, and they are durable, rust-resistant, and easy to sharpen. Like the other Zyliss knife sets, they are dishwasher safe, but you will be better off cleaning these knives by hand.  To further convince you of the durability, you get a Lifetime Zyliss Warranty offer.

Pros + Key Features

  • High quality German steel blades
  • The blades are rust-resistant
  • Finger and thumb rest for control
  • Lifetime Zyliss Warranty offer

FAQs about Zyliss Knives

1. Are Zyliss Knives Good?

After assessing many of the Zyliss knives available on the market today, we can say that the brand does deliver when it comes to functionality. However, what we found impressive is that it is really a value brand that produces relatively affordable knives that offer optimal cutting experience. As far as midrange and affordable knives go, you get some of the nest warranty offers from Zyliss.

Much more than the sharpness and affordability of the knives, attention is also paid to the design of the handles as they are all comfortable. In some cases, they have antimicrobial features. Furthermore, their knives are dishwasher safe, but we advise that you clean with hands if you hope to retain the sharpness for long.

2. Can Zyliss Knives be sharpened?

The blades are typically made from high carbon steel, and they come with a high level of sharpness. Also, Zyliss knives retain sharpness well, but after extended use, it is only normal that the sharpness declines. We recommend the Zyliss Control Knife Sharpener. It features a ceramic sharpening slot through which you only need to pull a knife a few times to return it to optimal sharpness. The attention paid to detail in the design of the sharpener is quite impressive.

3. Where are Zyliss Knives made?

While Zyliss is a Swiss brand with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, the knives are produced in China. However, the originality of the brand is somehow retained in the manufacturing process and materials used.


Every kitchen needs not just one knife, but a variety that would make it easy to carry out the different cutting tasks in your kitchen. You don’t even have to be a professional chef to own a complete kitchen knife set. However, if you are ever on the lookout for some functional and durable kitchen knives, the Zyliss brand is one of the trusted brands to consider. We have selected and reviewed a few of their knife sets you can get on the market today. They all feature high carbon steel blades and molded/rubberized handles for optimal comfort.