Yoshihiro Knife Reviews – Top 6 Best Picks of 2022

For all chefs, the most crucial kitchen tool that determines how far your culinary skills will be sought for is unarguably their knives. A good chef knows that to succeed, he needs the best knife, and based on the Yoshihiro knife reviews, we can conclusively say that Yoshihiro is the best knife suitable for your chef duties.

Yoshihiro Knife Reviews

Overview Of Yoshihiro Knives Brand

The Yoshihiro Cutlery brand takes joy in manufacturing the best-handcrafted kitchen knives. The company has been in existence for over 100 years and is a leading force in the Japanese cutlery market. The design techniques can be traced as far back as the 14th century, known to have Japanese swordsmiths who eventually became knife smiths. Consequently, the brand is reckoned for producing traditional durable knives that last long and can be used for multiple purposes.

Top 6 Best Yoshihiro Knives Reviews

Rank Knife Blade Material
1 Yoshiro VG-10 Hammered Damascus 46-Layers Gyuto Knife VG-10 Gold Steel Core
2 Yoshihiro 16 Layer VG-10 Hammered Damascus Gyuto Knife VG-10 Japanese stainless steel
3 Yoshihiro 46 Layers Hammered NSW Chef Vegetable Knife VG-10 Hammered Damascus Steel
4 Yoshihiro VG-10 Vegetable Knife VG-10 Steel Core
5 Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Chef Knife Blue High Carbon Stee
6 Yoshihiro Shiroko Chef Knife White Steel #2

The Yoshihiro brand boasts of several unique knife models, hence deciding which to buy could be challenging, especially if you have no prior knowledge about the different types you can buy.

For this reason, our professional team took a look at the different types available, took a detailed analysis of the Yoshihiro knives reviews by the users, and further tested the different top models. Having done this, we succeeded in achieving our aim, and today we bring you the top 6 best Yoshihiro knives reviews.

1. Yoshiro VG-10 Hammered Damascus 46-Layers Gyuto Knife

This excellent Yoshiro knife is the first on our list of best Yoshiro knife; the knife with 46 layers of steel Damascus VG-10 is versatile and can perform a host of activities that require a knife. These activities could include dice, slice and even chop fresh vegetables; it can even be used to carve the roasted chicken into several bits after taking it out from your oven. This is primarily because of the knife’s intricate design nature, as it is shaped like the traditional gyuto style knife.

Besides, the knife features an octagon-shaped lightweight handle, which makes it agronomical and easy to wield. The knife also comes with a beautiful wooden sheath that is meant to protect your knife; the covering also improves the knife’s appearance when it’s not being used. The blade edge can retain its sharpness with the frequent use of water whetstone to sharpen it.

Finally, the knife can be maintained easily by handwashing after us. The blade is, however, not suitable for use on nutshells, bones, and frozen items.

Pros and Benefits

  • Very versatile.
  • 46 layers of Damascus VG-10.
  • Gyuto style design.
  • Octagonal WA-handle.
  • Curved blade.
  • Blades texture eliminates friction.
  • Protective wooden cover.
  • Handwashing is recommended.

2. Yoshihiro 16 Layer VG-10 Hammered Damascus Gyuto Knife

Are you in need of the perfect Yoshihiro gyuto knife that would make your kitchen duties less cumbersome? Then you must purchase his knife. The product is versatile and can be used to dice, slice, chop vegetables, and carve a roasted chicken, thus meeting all your kitchen needs. The knife is constructed using 3 layers of VG-10 stainless-steel made from japan as its central core and a 16 layer of well-hammered steel as its outer layer.

Furthermore, the knife features the HRC 60, stainless-steel that can be attributed as the source of its exceptional edge retention, blade sharpness, and durability; it also ensures the blade is easily sharpened after elongated use. The blade’s design helps eliminate frictional occurrences and prevents food items from being stuck to the knife’s blade. The handle is crafted from mahogany wood and has a full tang that ensures it is appropriately balanced and used seamlessly.

Lastly, the knife is washed using the handwashing method; it can also be sharpened with the use of whetstones and is, therefore, a fantastic choice of knife for new chefs.

Pros and Benefits

  • Very versatile.
  • HRC 60 Stainless-steel.
  • 3-Layer VG-10 Stainless-steel.
  • 16-layer outer steel.
  • The design eliminates friction.
  • Handle made from mahogany.
  • Full tang.
  • Handwashing.

3. Yoshihiro 46 Layers Hammered NSW Chef Vegetable Knife

Again, the Yoshihiro brand went all the way to produce a top-notch chef knife that supersedes all other chef knives for cutting vegetables. The knife also called the Usuba knife, is 6.3-inch (160mm). It features a blunt tip which can be used to cut out potato eye, and the general shape seems like those of a small cleaver.

In addition, the knife has a hefty weight and can be used to chop root vegetables irrespective of how heavy it seems. The knife is handcrafted with the use of Nickel VG-10 well hammered Damascus, has a Gold core, and possesses a straight blade that can be used to cut the paper into thin slices. The knife also comes with a wooden sheath, which is appropriately called Saya and acts as a protective covering for the knife’s blade.  Besides, the handle, which is called Shitan handle, is attached to the blade with the aid of a mahogany bolster (double), and it is octagonal. Lastly, the knife should be washed with the use of the hand, as recommended by the manufacturers of the product.

Pros and Benefits

  • 6.3-Inch in length.
  • 46 layers hammered Damascus.
  • Double-edged blade.
  • Octagonal shaped handle.
  • Double mahogany handle bolster.
  • Wooden sheath (saya) protects blade.
  • Handwashing recommended.

4. Yoshihiro VG-10 Vegetable Knife

This product is handcrafted using 16 layers of stainless-steel (hammered Damascus); it also has the VG-10 inner core, hence giving you the best performance in terms of beauty and durability. The Knife, which is also called the Nakiri knife and is 6.5-inch (165mm) in length, is a double-edged knife that features a cutting edge. This ability enables the entire length of the blade to have contact with your cutting board even as you dice, slice, or chop your vegetables.

Furthermore, the knife, which is made in Japan, has its western-styled handle extended to the knife’s full tang and designed to fit seamlessly into the user’s handles, making the design highly ergonomic. It is made using mahogany wood, ensuring its durability. Besides, the blade texture provides the total removal of friction while reducing the chances of food sticking. The blade can be sharpened easily after prolonged usage.

Lastly, it is advisable you handwash and sharpens using quality whetstones. All these features guarantee the knifes usage by those new to the chef business, as it is easy to use without any stress.

Pros and Benefits

  • 16-layers stainless-steel.
  • VG-10 core.
  • Handle made of mahogany wood.
  • Comfortable handles.
  • Double-edged knife.
  • Cutting edge is flat.
  • Removal of friction.
  • Handwashing recommended.

5. Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Chef Knife

Like most Yoshihiro knives, this product is equally handcrafted. The Chef knife, which can be used for various purposes, is 8.25-inch (210) in length. The blade is also called Kiritsuke knife and is completely unmatched when comparing its performance to other chef knives. It has a carbonized coating created in the process of heat treating, adds a unique characteristic look to the knife, making it look like a somewhat rustic beauty.

Additionally, the knife features blue carbon steel (high carbon); it has a high prized hardness that maximizes edge retention. These make the product very durable and easy to sharpen after prolonged use. The handle is the Japanese Wa-style, a very traditional handle style; it is lightweight, making it ergonomic, as it attaches to users’ hands seamlessly. Besides, it has a wooden sheathe (cover) that provides enough protection for the blades after use and storage.

Finally, honing and sharpening must be done only using water whetstones. To clean, hand wash and then allow to dry or wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth. 

Pros and Benefits

  • Handcrafted knife.
  • Blue Carbon steel.
  • High edge retention.
  • Long curved tip.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handles.
  • Knife is wide.
  • The handle is Wa-style.
  • Handwashing.

6. Yoshihiro Shiroko Chef Knife

As our final product on the best Yoshihiro knife list, we present to you one of the brands finest in design and capability. The knife is 10.5-inch which is 270mm in length. The Blade material is from stainless steel, with an envious hardness that ranks 62-63 on the Rockwell scale. The knife is long, making it the ideal slicing knife for working on fish such as sashimi and sushi and cutting them in thin slices; hence it is an essential tool in several chefs’ kitchens as mentioned in the Yoshihiro knives reviews.

Furthermore, the product is entirely handcrafted in Japan instead of being mass-produced like some brands. It has a D-shaped handle that is Wa-styled, has a lightweight, and can be held comfortably during usage. It also has a wooden sheath attached to the package that can be used to protect the knife’s blades after use. Finally, the knife has a sharp edge that can be retained using a whetstone; handwashing aids in cleaning the product after use.

Pros and Benefits

  • Handcrafted long knife.
  • Thin blade for slicing.
  • Wa-style handle.
  • Lightweight handle is ergonomic.
  • Sharp cutting edge.
  • Wooden sheath protects blade.
  • Easily to use and sharpen.
  • Handwashing.

FAQs on Yoshihiro knives

1. Where are Yoshihiro knives made?

The different products from the brand are handcrafted in Japan.

2. How often should you sharpen Yoshihiro knives?

Sharpening your Yoshihiro knives can be done a few times in a year. But you must hone your knife’s edge as often as possible, 1-2 days a week preferably; this is dependent on how often you use them.

3. Are Yoshihiro knives dishwasher safe?

No, they are not. The manufacturers recommend handwashing to help elongate the lifespan of the brand’s products.


A lot can be said about the Yoshihiro cutlery brand, which is the painstaking effort taken into handcrafting the different masterpiece models that are durable and different from other knives both in design and function. The different layers of well hammered Damascus knife, which, the VG-10 core, all aid in performing their promises.

Therefore, we took the effort to give you expert advice on the best Yoshihiro knives suitable for your use, both as a new or as a professional chef. It doesn’t matter what your buying needs are regarding this brand, be it your budget, your need for it, or even the design you require; our list is exhaustive and can meet all your needs. So why are you waiting? Purchase your best Yoshihiro knife now.