What is a Masticating Juicer? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever considered using a masticating juicer to modify your diet plans and fitness goals? It may seem like just another piece of kitchen apparatus but many health enthusiasts rave about its function to preserve the essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables, allowing you to enjoy a cup of healthy and delicious beverage anytime.

But what is a masticating juicer? How does it really work?

More than just an ordinary blender, masticating juicers fall into the vast lineup of innovative machines that can help you keep track of a healthier lifestyle through efficient juicing. If you’re planning to incorporate this handy machine in your diet, we’ve unraveled the benefits of using a masticating juicer, how it works, and how you can use it properly. Keep reading!

What is a Masticating Juicer? How Does it Work ?

Masticating Juicer

What is a masticating juicer, then?

Also known as a cold press juicer or a triturating juicer, a masticating juicer squeezes out the substantial nutrients from vegetables and fruits. It features a straightforward concept that intricately presses down and crushes various types of fruits, vegetables, leafy grasses, grasses, wheatgrasses, and even frozen fruits.

As the name suggests, this machine masticates raw foods that are being pushed through the small chute. It is engineered with a single auger that does the mashing job and slowly grinds the produce and squeezes out all the fundamental juices. Designed with two different shafts, the juice and pulp are being collected separately throughout the process.

Contrary to a centrifugal juicer, a masticating juicer works at a slower pace. Although it tends to wrap up the process a bit longer, it becomes more efficient in extracting the produce and hence, collects more juice. Running at a low speed, it also does not generate heat that usually leads to oxidation which in turn diminishes the substantial amount of juice, enzymes, and nutrients.

Benefits of Using a Masticating Juicer

If you are planning to get your own masticating juicer, how should you benefit from it? Is it really worth an investment? Masticating juicers are truly innovative machines but to give you a much clearer view of how it can affect your health and personal preferences, here are some benefits you should know.

It works well on leafy greens, grasses, and wheatgrasses.

Masticating juicers excel in handling other types of foods such as leafy greens, grasses, and wheatgrasses, which can be pretty difficult to crush down and squeeze out when using centrifugal juicers. With its slow mechanism, this amazing machine relays efficient juicing even with these tiny pieces of vegetables and leaves.

Slow juicing means lower risk of oxidation.

As mentioned earlier, a masticating juicer may grind fruits, vegetables, and other produce slower than other juicers but such mechanism reduces the risk of oxidation which is what other juicers do otherwise as they perform at a high speed. They generate heat or cause friction which can kill the fundamental nutrients and enzymes in the food. Therefore, it minimizes the quality of what a healthy juice should be.

A masticating juicer, moreover, highlights its efficiency in maintaining the essential minerals, nutrients, and enzymes to boost your health and give you the energy you need to get your body going and mind working throughout the day.

It provides great quality of juice.

Because a masticating juicer minimizes the risk of oxidation, you get to make the most out of your produce whether they are fruits, vegetables, or leafy greens. While you benefit from the rich minerals and enzymes from the juice, you also get to enjoy the fresh and delicious flavor of your healthy beverage.

Another advantage is the storage and shelf life. Contrary to the juicing process from a centrifugal juicer, slow juicing prolongs the storage life of your juice. You can keep it in the fridge and save it for later. It can last up to 72 hours, unlike those juices that have been processed with a centrifugal machine that needs to be consumed immediately or within 24 hours for better taste and overall quality and also to prevent it from spoiling.

It operates quietly.

Whether you prepare an appetizing drink during the day or late at night, you won’t have to worry about waking everyone up in your house. A masticating juicer performs at a low speed and also keeps the noise level pretty low with its quiet operation.

It is a versatile juicer.

versatile juicer

While you enjoy making delicious drinks and healthy beverages with a masticating juicer, you can also take advantage of its superb performance and efficient features to make baby food, healthy smoothies, nut butter, or make your own almond milk and a lot more. The dried pulp can also be used to make dehydrated cookies and treats! You can even use it as your kitchen assistant in making ice cream as a delish cold treat to beat the heat!

It can handle frozen fruits.

This innovative machine also does the trick to help you out in grinding and crushing down frozen fruits which can be pretty challenging to do using other types of juicers. This is one quick and easy technique to make delicious sorbets!

It is easy to clean.

Most masticating juicers available on the market make cleaning like a breeze. They have detachable parts that you can just wash off after using the machine. And if you’re one of those who find it a headache to do cleanups or perhaps a busy person who’s always on the rush, you won’t have to struggle with tough cleaning; these machines are generally easy to clean.

How to Use a Masticating Juicer?

Easy Ways on How to Use a Masticating Juicer

If you are heading your way to get yourself a masticating juicer or perhaps a beginner and still trying to figure out how it really works, you'd probably wondering, "What is a masticating juicer? How should properly use it?" . Therefore, you may refer to the manufacturer’s manual for detailed instructions.

Although there are overwhelming options on the market with contemporary and sleek designs or seemingly intimidating features, they are all engineered with the same principle so learning how to use it won’t be too difficult. But to save you from messy spills and clutter, we’ve jotted down a few easy tips to show you how you should use it.

1. Place a container at the end of each shaft to collect the juice and pulp separately.

2. Turn the juicer on.

3. When the auger starts to move, place the fruit or vegetable inside the chute. Push it down and let the auger do the grinding. If the fruit or vegetable doesn’t seem to go down, just use the pusher.

Some units feature reverse switch buttons that you can use to masticate and crush down the produce. You can opt for this button when the vegetable or fruit seems to get jammed inside.

4. Wait for the container to be filled up with juice. Enjoy your delicious drink!

5. When you’re done using it, you can simply detach the squeezing chamber, tray, worm or auger, filter, and nut piece by piece or all at once for cleaning. Rinse them off with soap and water. Let them dry and put the pieces back to the machine. You’re all done!

Wrapping Up

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle becomes a lot easier with a masticating juicer. While you enjoy the freshest flavors of your favorite fruits and vegetables, you can also benefit from the amazing quality of the juice that contains substantial minerals and enzymes to keep your body working all day.

With all the details mentioned above, you'll have to wonder no more what lies beyond the question "What is a masticating juicer?". This versatile machine does a great job with efficient juicing and making other dishes with flavors of your choice. No wonder it’s been an ideal option among many health enthusiasts. It is easy to use and clean, too!