Tuo Cutlery Reviews – Top 5 Best Knives to Buy in 2021

The Tuo Cutlery brand is known for its specialized forging technology that has allowed them to craft several exceptional knives. These knives are multipurpose and can produce desired results in professional chefs and regular kitchen users. In this Tuo cutlery reviews, we shall be taking you through some of the best knife series that the brand has manufactured so far.

Tuo Cutlery Reviews

Overview of Tuo Knives Brand

There are several knife brands in the market, but very few come particularly designed the way Tuo cutleries are designed. This is because the brand decided to bring a modern scientific approach to making sure your kitchen isn’t just given just any regular knife.

The blade given to this knife is refined in the most premium of ways to give you that flawless and durable cutting support. The brand can do all of this without sacrificing designs as you get to have beautifully crafted handles and elegantly honed blades.

Hence, the ten years that this brand has been in existence have been impactful on modern-looking knife designs they bring to the everyday retail outlets. They have a couple of series which their products are divided into, depending on which you want, and we will be happy to take you through these series.

Different Main Series of Tuo Knives

Fiery Phoenix

With a forged German stainless steel as a blade, you can be reassured of the excellence that comes with this series’s blades. The blades are given an ergonomic handle for very comfortable handling for a flawless experience.

Black Hawk Series

Enjoy the beauty and glass of European styled kitchen knife when you buy from this series. The blade is carved from premium German stainless steel, and the handle is made from pakkawood for pure elegance.

Falcon Series

The Tuo brand took the Asian vegetable cleaver and made it into something astonishing. Now you can enjoy reliable edge retention, a perfect blade and a comfortable handle, all at an affordable rate.


The Tuo brand indeed designed this series to leave its legacy as the brand with the most luxuriously crafted knives. Hence, with this series, you enjoy quality blades, a comfortable handle and a lush design altogether.

Osprey Series

This Japanese styled knife will give you all the efficiency you need in your kitchen. It comes with a super sharp blade and a sleek handle that makes handling one of the most comfortable things to look up to. The sleek design gives your kitchen space that spec of elegance you crave.


Never has any Damascus knife been this beautiful. This series gives you the best of Damascus patterned knives using forged Japanese stainless steel technology. Hence, you are set to enjoy extreme edge delivery and a comfortable handle.

Top 5 Best Tuo Knives Reviews

Rank Knife Blade Material
1 TUO Kitchen Black Hawk Series Knife Set Forged stainless steel
2 Tuo Cutlery 8-PCS Fiery Phoenix Series Knife Set High carbon stainless steel
3 TUO Nakiri Falcon Series Knife Germany stainless steel
4 TUO Chef Knife 8-inch Osprey Series knife German HC Stainless Steel
5 TUO Ring-D Series Damascus Knife Damascus AUS-10

1. TUO Kitchen Black Hawk Series Knife Set

This knife set is an embodiment of elegance from scratch to finish. The knives are particularly crafted to give you all the amazingness a great knife is designed to give. This set comes with a uniquely designed block that keeps all the twelve knives safe after each use. Since it comes with twelve distinct knives, you get a piece of knife that is most appropriate for your cutting needs.

Furthermore, the blades are made from premium forged German stainless steel. In the forging process, the blades are treated against all impurity and as such, the knives come with a blade protected against rusting or stains that may damage the elegance of the knives. Also, the blade comes with edges that are hand sharpened for a limited lifetime sharpness.

Also, you get to enjoy a great handle that is designed from luxuriously treated pakkawood. This handle offers the knives a comfortable and secure grip and well-balanced handling. The handle is also riveted to prevent it from snapping off while in use.

Pros and Benefits

  • Premium Forged Japanse stainless steel blade
  • Antirust protection
  • Secure handle
  • Great edge retention

2. Tuo Cutlery 8-PCS Fiery Phoenix Series Knife Set

While it is one thing for a knife to be made using German stainless steel, it is another for the knife to be given a scientific fortification to ensure it is durable. Hence, it is a plus for this Tuo Phoenix series knife set to come with over fifty-six in hardness scale rate. This reassures us in knowing the knife is strong enough for all kitchen items.

This eight-piece knife set comes with every important piece of knife you may ever need. What is more, is that the knives are hand sharpened to give you a long term edge retention rate. Sharpening the knives is also very easy to do, and you wouldn’t even find yourself doing that in a long while after the first purchase.

Furthermore, the handles are designed into sleek and very comfortable ergonomic handles that offer a well-secured grip. The handles are designed using pakkawood, and they are treated to prevent slipping off. You can also comfortably store the knives away in their wooden block after use.

Pros and Benefits

  • Wooden block for easy storage
  • Comfortable handle
  • Protected blade surface
  • Sturdy and durable

3. TUO Nakiri Falcon Series Knife

The Nakiri knife lovers understand that the Nakiri is one of the most versatile kitchen knives you ever own. The Tuo brand has come to make this Nakiri knife set worth every cent you will invest in it. Thus, all the chopping and mincing of the ingredient will no longer be a stressful activity anymore.

The blade is made from quality German stainless steel, resistant against corrosion, rust and even regular kitchen stains. Thus, you are set to enjoy a lifetime of totally spotless kitchen Nakiri knife. Furthermore, the surface of the blade is hand polished to give you a brilliant and sleek finish. This also means that the knife comes with great edge retention.

The handle is crafted using very fine pakkawood, and it is designed to give you the utmost ergonomic advantage. The handle also balances the entire knife construction and handles very easily both in professional and regular hands.

Pros and Benefits

  • Hand-polished blade surface with great edge retention
  • Sturdy German steel construction
  • Resistant against rust and stains
  • Ergonomic handle

4. TUO Chef Knife 8-inch Osprey Series knife

With little effort, this knife helps you cut through your ingredient like a professional chef. This is because the knife is given a precision cutting feature that allows for the knife’s edge to get through your food without any stress. This knife is made from high carbon stainless steel, and as such, it is reinforced with all protection that makes it durable.

Thus, you get to enjoy the antirust and stain resistance feature. The knife is also lightweight, making it very easy to maneuver. It also comes with a Rockwell hardness scale of fifty-six, which hints about how sturdy and durable the knife is.

Furthermore, the handle is made from pakkawood, and it is given full tang support. The handle also helps in maintaining a proper balance between the blade and the handle. Hence, you will enjoy a full ergonomic advantage while using this knife.

Pros and Benefits

  • Safe pakaawood handle
  • Unique high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Full tang support
  • Amazing edge retention

5. TUO Ring-D Series Damascus Knife

In making the blade of this unique Damascus knife, sixty-seven layers of premium Japanese stainless steel sheets come together to make this flawlessly beautiful knife. This enhances the fortification the knife has in terms of durability and sturdiness, and protection against rust and stains.

This is the type of one-piece kitchen knife you need to save yourself from stress. The blade is large enough to ensure a quicker and faster shoot rate. The knife itself will add a peck of elegance to your home.

The handle is made in such a way that it remains resistant to moisture. Hence, you can use the handle comfortably without the fear of it slipping off. The handle also provides stability and balance as well as ergonomic comfort.

Pros and Benefits

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Great Damascus pattern
  • Resistant to rust and stains
  • Amazing edge retention

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tuo knives any good?

Yes, they are. They have been in the business of producing excellent knives for a decade using modern innovations.

Where are Tuo knives made?

The Tuo brand is a universal brand with strong Chinese affiliation but made in the United States of America.


In this Tuo Cutlery Reviews, we have been able to work you through all of the amazing series of the brand that you can always rely on when you seek to buy something exceptional for your kitchen.

With guidance from our team of experts, we have reviewed five amazing knives that are durable and efficient enough for your day-to-day use. They are affordable, sturdy and sleek in design. Hence, we are sure you will get great value for money.