Schmidt Brothers Knife Review – 4 Best Modern Sets of 2022

Created out of a passion for quality cutleries shared by two brothers, the Schmidt Brothers knife has worked its way into the hearts of many families. From the Schmidt Brothers knife reviews, the reason for this can be attributed to the overall design of the product, which goes a long way to contribute to the product’s performance.

Overview Of Schmidt Brothers Knife

The Schmidt Brothers brand was founded by two brothers Jared and Jordan Schmidt, who are very passionate about producing the best knives that would help home chefs reduce the stress that could accompany cooking. The brothers (Jared is 29, while Jordan is 32) grew up amongst experts in the cooking industry; the grandparents were owners of a restaurant, deli, and butcher shop in New Jersey. They grew up and drifted to other fields for a while before deciding to begin their knife brand. They made their well-designed quality knifes available at an affordable price, unlike some companies whose prices can be as much as $500. The company is situated in New Jersey, which is also the birthplace of the brothers.

Furthermore, the brand has its patented design unique to the brand; this is seen in the heels of the knife, which are curved to avoid getting nicked while using the knife; this is different from the pointy heel that is common in other knife brands. The handles are crafted using acacia wood, which provides a comfortable grip and a style unique from other expensive knife products.

Different Series of Schmidt Brothers Knives

Zebra Wood

The zebrawood knife set includes several pieces of knives that are well designed to meet everyday purposes. The variety of knives in the set can be used to prep your veggies, break down proteins (cut meat into portions), carve your holiday roast, and do much more. The product has a knife block with magnetic properties also attached, besides the model has the patented curve peculiar to the Schmidt Brothers knife.

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Bonded Ash

This type of Schmidt Brothers knife is manufactured using excellent pure German stainless-steel; the blade has the same material, making it very durable and long-lasting. The handle is crafted using Ash Pakka wood, which has been carefully bonded to give it a seamless harmony. This feature ensures you get a precise cutting when you use the knife to cut, slice, or mince your food items.

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Carbon 6

The carbon steak model contains world-class professional knives featuring ultra-sharp blades that have been well polished; this creates a clear contrast compared with the raw scorched unpolished steel handles. They are manufactured using the finest German stainless-steel (100% pure) and features the patented curve unique to the Schmidt Brothers knife brand.

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Bonded Teak

The Bonded Teak model features various knives that can come either in sets or as stand-alone knives. It is named Bonded teak because of bonding the pure German stainless-steel blades that are super sharp and the handle made of Asian Teak wood. These parts are crafted to sync in perfect harmony, which gives you the best cutting experience.

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Top 4 Best Schmidt Brothers Knife Set Reviews

Rank Knife Set Price
1 Schmidt Brothers-Bonded Teak Knife Set Check on Amazon
2 Schmidt Brothers- Carbon 6 Knife Set Check on Amazon
3 Schmidt Brothers-Zebra Wood Knife Set Check on Amazon
4 Schmidt Brothers-Bonded Ash Knife Set Check on Amazon

Having looked at the different series of models produced by the Schmidt Brothers brand; you need to know the knife model to go for when you want to purchase a good cooking knife that provides you with a premium cooking experience. This is because the brand has several products up for sale in the market, and this can be a source of confusion if you are not properly guided.

Consequently, our professionals, who are experts in the cooking industry, know the best cutleries that can make your kitchen duties seamless. Therefore, they took a look at the existing products and compared them with Schmidt Brothers knife reviews. After a careful analysis, we arrived at the 4 best knife sets by Schmidt Brothers. These include;

1. Schmidt Brothers-Bonded Teak Knife Set

From our extensive research, the Schmidt Brothers-Bonded Teak knife set is the best available knife set produced by this brand. The set comprises 15-piece cutleries, amongst which are; bread, carving, chef’s, boning, paring, steak, and deli knives. It also has a serrated utility knife with a double edge, a knife block that is magnetic, and a two-stage sharpener for working on your knife’s edges when they are getting blunt.

Furthermore, the well-crafted designed knives are brown colored and contain every cutlery item you would need to prep your meals whenever you get down to work in your kitchen. It is constructed using German stainless-steel (100%) with full tang and thus ensuring the knives are strong, durable, exhibit excellent edge retention, and balances excellently when held in the hands.

Finally, the knife’s handles allow for easy gripping without the incidence of slipping when using them. This makes the knives easy to use and maintain, thereby lastly longer than the average kitchen knife.

Pro and Benefits

  • 15-piece cutlery set.
  • Includes variety of knife types.
  • Professional cutting.
  • Pure German stainless-steel.
  • Easy to grip and use.
  • Reduced incidence of slippage.
  • Contains a knife sharpener.

2. Schmidt Brothers- Carbon 6 Knife Set

Still deciding the best Schmidt knife set suitable for you, you should check out this brand model. The Schmidt Brothers-Carbon 6 knife set has 15 knife pieces and includes various knife types that you can use in prepping your food before cooking. The set contains bread, slicer, chef’s, serrated utility, paring, deli, hollow-ground santoku, and steak knives along with the package; there’s a magnetic block for keeping your knives and a two-stage sharpener.

The entire knife collection allows for easy gripping without slipping off when you want to make use of them. It is made from 100% (pure) German stainless-steel, which ensures the knives are amazingly strong, durable, balances well when held, and retains the edge. In summary, the knife has been designed to properly fit into the user’s hands comfortably due to the ergonomic design that makes them stand out from other knives out there.

Pros and Benefits

  • 15-piece cutlery set.
  • Allows you cut professionally.
  • High-quality German stainless-steel.
  • Variety of knives.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Balances properly when held.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reduced slippage.

3. Schmidt Brothers-Zebra Wood Knife Set

This 7-piece knife collection is the next on our list of favorite/best Schmidt Brothers knife. The collection, which is carefully crafted to meet home chefs’ needs, has all the vital/essential knife varieties that can make your kitchen duties hassle-free, allowing you to cut through food items like an expert. The collection includes bread, slicer/carving, santoku, chefs, paring, and serrated tomato knives; a knife block with magnetic properties is also included in the product package.

Besides, the knife, which is made of 100% pure German stainless-steel, offers great strength, thus making it durable and giving it perfect edge retention capacity. The handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip, reducing the chances of slipping off when in use and making it easy to use. These features have been proven true by the Schmidt Brothers knife reviews given by the knife set users; therefore, it is necessary for your kitchen.

Pros and Benefits

  • 7-piece knife collection.
  • 100% pure German stainless-steel.
  • Professional cutting ability.
  • Variety of essential knives.
  • Provides a comfortable grip.
  • Knife block is magnetic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reduced chance of slippage.

4. Schmidt Brothers-Bonded Ash Knife Set

The last Schmidt Brothers knife on our list today is the bonded ash model; this is one of my favorite due to its amazing design and engravings. The collection contains 7 knife pieces, which includes a bread knife, slicer, chef’s, utility, santoku, and paring knives; in summary, the collection has a variety of knives that meets all your cooking needs and has a knife block with magnetic properties that helps you keep your knives after use.

Additionally, the knife is made of quality German stainless-steel with a full tang that improves its strength, making it durable and long-lasting. It also ensures the knife retains the edges very well and makes it well balanced when held. The design is highly ergonomic, as it provides a comfortable and relaxed grip, thus reducing chances of slipping off when held. The knife is very easy to use and maintains and gives you a professional edge in your kitchen.

Pros and Benefits

  • 7-piece knife collection.
  • Pure German stainless-steel.
  • Excellent professional cutting ability.
  • Provides comfortable grip.
  • Reduces chances of slipping.
  • Variety of knives.
  • Easy to use.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • Excellent eye-catching design.

FAQ’s about Schmidt Brothers knives

1.Are Schmidt Brothers knives good?

Yes, the Schmidt Brothers knives are very good and best-suited for several home chefs, and they are also affordable, thus providing you with the best modern knives with a sleek design.

2. Where are Schmidt Brothers knives made?

The Schmidt knives are designed and engineered in New York City, but they are assembled completely in China, using top-quality German stainless-steel that is 100% pure.

3. How do you sharpen a Schmidt Brothers Knife?

Schmidt Brothers Knife is sharpened with the use of a sharpening stone. The method is highly effective, simple, and last long. But before doing that, you need first to run the knife to be sharpened underwater; this helps reduce friction before sharpening.


The Schmidt Brothers ventured into knives’ production because of their personal experiences when buying and using other knife brands. Therefore, they looked at the shortcomings of some of these brands, provided their solutions, and thus produced knife sets/products that are unique in design and meets user’s use. From the Schmidt Brothers knife reviews, it is clear that these knives indeed are useful in design and function.

Consequently, we picked the 4 best Schmidt Knife set that perfectly meets users’ needs and gives them an amazing experience. Our favorite and most recommended is the Bonded Teak model knife set; we have also listed 3 others if you desire something different, perhaps for budget or aesthetic reasons. Hence, whatever product you select from this list, you can rest assured that it is your best option.