Sabatier Knife Reviews – Top 2 Best Sets from The French Brand 2022

The Sabatier brand has evolved to remain one of the very best knife brands to come out of France. This brand makes exceptional kitchen knife sets, and they are not hesitant to share with the entire world. In these Sabatier knife reviews, we will take you on a brief adventure on the quality nature and features of couples of the best knife sets from the brand.

Overview of Sabatier Knives Brand

There is something about brands that are made in France. They exude a level of excellence in terms of their qualities and features that you cannot but help but them. This brand is not an exception, as it is a brand that pays attention to the minutest details of the knives they manufacture. These knives are made in such a way that professional chefs will find them highly crafted and easy to handle, and at the same time wouldn’t be a burden for a regular kitchen user.

These knives are professionally designed and produced in Theirs, France and their forged steel technology spans over eight generations. This brand dates back to early 1810 when Phillippe Sabatier meticulously crafted his first set of knives with this unique forging technology. The technology has been so advanced and reinvented in such a way that the brand now offers formidable knife sets. Hence, this Sabatier knife set review will not only reveal to you some of the best knives but will also take you through the history of its quality.

Hence, if what you are looking for is a knife set that you can trust for a lifetime, then the Sabatier knives are for you. Over the years, you will find Sabatier knives with inscriptions of Logos and initials. This is as a result of the police Philippe Sabatier himself made to his sibling. He shared the secret of the formula and together with the affiliation, they make great quality knives under the umbrella brand name of Sabatier.

Top 2 Best Sabatier Knife Set Reviews

Rank Knife Set Price
1 Sabatier 15-Piece High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set Check on Amazon
2 Sabatier Edgekeeper Pro 12-Piece Forged Triple Rivet Knife Block Set Check on Amazon

1. Sabatier 15-Piece High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set

As the brand has promised, every detail counts, and this knife is a true reflection of that promise. Perfection radiates all over the knife set from scratch to finish, and it is almost impossible to notice a flaw right from the very tip to the handle. The excellent craftsmanship of this knife set starts from the block that holds these knives in place. This block is made from the finest acacia wood to give it a beautiful rich brown colour.

This acacia woodblock doesn’t absorb water as it is polished to chase off moist or water from retaining in the wood until it damages it. Very importantly, the set comes with fifteen different knives of knives that can help you achieve as so many uses in the kitchen space. Also, each of these knives is particularly honed in a super-sleek modern shape that will introduce a little bit of class and elegance in any dull kitchen.

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Furthermore, the knives are made from premium carbon forged stainless steel material which accounts for their lightweight feature as well as their durability. The blade itself is protected from damaging elements such as rust and stains. The handle is also made with stainless steel but edged to give you full ergonomic support. Hence, you enjoy a secure grip and an outstanding weight balance at the same time.

Pros and Benefits

  • Very easy to clean
  • Resistant against tarnish
  • Forged carbon stainless steel blade
  • Extremely sharp

2. Sabatier Edgekeeper Pro 12-Piece Forged Triple Rivet Knife Block Set.

You cannot do wrong when you bring a contemporarily designed black knife into your kitchen space. The elegance and classy nature of your kitchen come to life in a significant way. What is more, is when that set of black knives now offers excellent features. Thus, we aren’t surprised at the extraordinary qualities that this Sabatier edgekeeper review revealed.

Firstly, with this set consisting of twelve pieces of different knives, you get to be able to do more. Interestingly, you don’t have to deal with the routine stress of getting the knives sharpened. This is because the set comes with a unique block that contains a sharpening slot within each honed space crafted for each knife in the set. Thus, the edge retention that this particular knife gives is almost unique to this set of a professional kitchen knife.

Furthermore, the durability associated with the Sabatier brand is retained on this set of knives too. This is because the knives are made from high-quality carbon forged stainless steel. Hence, the blade enjoys top-notch resistance against rusts and stains. Very importantly, the handles are ergonomically designed to ensure excellent weight balance and a comfortable grip. The handles are tripled riveted to provide maximum support and secure manoeuvring.

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Pros and Benefits

  • Tripled riveted ergonomic handles
  • Premium stainless steel blade with non-tarnish protection
  • Self-sharpening block interior and excellent edge retention
  • Sleek contemporary design.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sabatier knives

Where are Sabatier knives manufactured?

These knives are manufactured in Thiers France.

Are Sabatier knives any good?

The brand came to life in 1810, and since then, the brand has served the world, through technological advancement, to ensure nothing but the premium best is presented to you. Hence with over two hundred years of experience, they are super great knives.

Can you put Sabatier knives in the dishwasher?

These listed two knife sets are not particularly great for use in the dishwasher. Mildly wash in warm soapy water and dry off thoroughly after washing.


Having the best kitchen knife set depends mainly on having the best information, and that is what has been done in these Sabatier knife reviews. Our team of experts have brought the fantastic Sabatier brand knife sets that they are sure will bring efficiency and class into your kitchen space. These sets will also give you that long term durability that you seek. Interestingly, these sets are very affordable, especially when compared to the number of knives in each block. Thus, feel free to make your choice between these two great knives and enjoy long term durability and efficiency that you have always craved.