J.A. Henckels Knife Reviews – Top 4 Best Sets of This Brand in 2022

It doesn’t matter if right until this point, J. A Henckels has not been your favorite kitchenware brand. The reliability and trust they have built over the centuries should make you curious enough to give some of their knives a chance. Today, we have selected, reviewed, and presented some of their best offerings. Check out our J A Henckels knife reviews.

j a henckels knife reviews

Overview of J A Henckels Knife Brand

Formally known as ZWILLING JA Henckels, the J.A. Henckels brand has been around for a very long time. In 1731, Peter Henckels registered the ZWILLING in Germany, and as of today, it is one of the oldest trademarks. Nearly three centuries later, the knife brand is still preferred among many professional chefs, culinary experts, and even occasional cooks.

Over the years, the kitchenware company has undergone expansions and reforms that have led to the creation of more brands from the same mother company.

Today, Henckels knives are either made by “ZWILLING JA Henckels” or “J.A. Henckels International,” with the former being a continuation of kitchenware production under the original brand, and the latter was established in 1895 as a separate brand value with more international reach.

Top 4 Best J A Henckels Knife Set Reviews

Rank Knife Set Blade Material Price
1 HENCKELS Definition Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set Stainless Steel Check on Amazon
2 HENCKELS J.A International Modernist Knife Block Set Alloy Steel Check on Amazon
3 J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set Stainless Steel Check on Amazon
4 Henckels Silvercap Knife Block Set Stainless Steel Check on Amazon

1. HENCKELS Definition Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set

Making selections from the numerous J.A. Henckels knife sets that dominate the market can be quite overwhelming, but there is no doubt on our mind that the HENCKELS Definition Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set is one of the best you can get. It is a complete set that features paring, utility, santoku, steak, and chef knives, with more. Like you would expect from any decent knife, the blades are made from a stainless steel material that is durable and sufficiently resistant to rust and corrosion. The single-piece and precision-stamped construction make it even more durable.

Furthermore, the set comes with a wooden storage block that safely holds the knives when they are not in use. The highlight of this storage block is that it has self-sharpening slots that sharpen the knives as you put them in and pull them out. However, some of the slots are not designed to sharpen because serrated blades do not require it. The handles appear to be plastic, but they are reasonably comfortable enough to grip. Also, they have slightly curved profiles that further ensures comfortable gripping and cutting. Furthermore, the triple-rivet construction makes the handles so durable.

Pros + Key Features

  • Stained ash wood storage block
  • The slots are labeled for knife identification
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Single piece construction makes for a great balance

2. HENCKELS J.A International Modernist Knife Block Set

This 13-piece knife set is another of the numerous perfect offerings from J.A. Henckels International. Like in the other knife sets, the blades are made from high-quality stainless steel material. One thing that is worth commending is the aesthetics of the knives. In addition to being functional, they have a sleek and classy appearance. The graceful flow of the blade into the handle not only adds to the beauty, but also helps to improve the balance. The knives are, however, not full tang.

Compared to most J.A. Henckels International knives, they are relatively lightweight. As the handles are also made from steel material, they are not necessarily the most comfortable. Still, they are quite easy to grip, and they have a sandblasted texture that makes them slip-resistant. The polished end cap with an embossed logo has no function other than adding appeal to the knives. When not in use, the knives are stored in a special storage block that protects the blades from rapid deterioration and the user from injuries. One would think that the sleek appearance and functionality are likely evidence of a high price. However, the knife set remains relatively affordable.

Pros + Key Features

  • The knives are dishwasher-safe
  • Sandblasted grip texture for slip resistance
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • It is also available in the 6-piece option

3. J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set

The JA Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set has all the right tools needed for different cutting tasks in a typical kitchen. It has a bread knife, a boning knife, steak knives, a paring knife, utility knives, and more. As most of the knives are forged, they are thicker and more durable than stamped knives. However, the knives are relatively heavier as a result of the thickness. To make them balanced, bolsters are introduced at the centers of the knives. The knives also boast of full tangs that run all the way through the handles.

The handle is made from a predominantly plastic material, and they are reasonably comfortable to hold. For added durability, the handles are triple-riveted, and metal caps further secure them. Like most J.A. Henckels knives, they are ultra-sharp. Nevertheless, they may lose their sharpness with constant use and will require some honing to restore them. They are easy to clean, and they store away easily in the storage block that comes with the package. This is as many as it gets when it comes to knife sets, and you have the option of getting this 18-piece set at a not-so-expensive price.

Pros + Key Features

  • Ergonomic handle
  • All knives have a full tang
  • Ultra-sharp blades
  • Storage block has extra slots
  • Lifetime limited warranty

4. Henckels Silvercap Knife Block Set

It is still very possible to acquire a functional and durable kitchen knife set with a limited budget. The Henckels Silvercap Knife Block Set is a 14-piece knife set that is surprisingly affordable. The set contains steak knives, paring knives, a utility knife, kitchen shears, and more. A wooden storage block is included to secure the knives when they are not being used. The knives feature precision-stamped blades made from stainless steel material.

Like a lot of stamped knives, they are lightweight and well balanced for easy and quick cutting. The full tang design further improves efficiency. The handles do not have a riveted design. Instead, they are carefully molded for comfort and balance. At the end of the handles, they feature stainless steel end caps that secure the handles and add to the overall aesthetics of the knives. It is safe to wash the knives in a dishwasher, but we recommend that you wash them by hand. If what you need is an affordable knife set from J.A. Henckels, this would be a good choice.

Pros + Key Features

  • Full set of knives
  • It is reasonably priced
  • Dishwasher-safe knives
  • Molded ergonomic handle
  • High-quality stainless steel blades

FAQs on JA Henckels knives

1. Are JA Henckels knives made in China?

The brand is predominantly German, but production takes place in several countries all over the world. ZWILLING JA Henckels knives are mostly produced in Germany or Spain, while J.A. Henckels knives are made all around the world, with China being one of the countries where they are made. The Chinese manufacturing notwithstanding, the knives come out really well and remain in good condition for a long time.

2. Are JA Henckels knives good?

J.A. Henckels kitchenware are, without any doubt, some of the best available today. For a brand that has been around for centuries, they have been too consistent in the high quality and functionality of their kitchenware. All their products are good, but ZWILLING JA Henckels are slightly more durable than the J.A. Henckels International knives because they undergo a unique Friodur process for improved toughness and durability.

3. What Steel does JA Henckels use?

J.A. Henckels blades are all made from the typical stainless steel material. While it is most certainly durable enough, it not the strongest material, or rather, the durability is not enhanced. On the other hand, ZWILLING JA Henckels knives feature a special formula steel material, and they undergo a special ice-hardening process through a unique Friodur technology for improved durability.


While there are several other kitchenware set from this popular brand, we believe you will find these we have reviewed impressive enough. This is a wonderful opportunity to try out J.A. Henckels knives. In each set, you get a variety of knives suited for different cutting tasks in the kitchen. All blades are made from high-quality stainless steel material, and the handles have ergonomic designs.

It will, however, come down to personal preference, but we can assure you that these are some of the best knife sets you can get as a professional chef or an occasional cook. We hope you found the review interesting and informational.