How Long Does Cold Pressed Juice Last?

Unlike those canned or bottled juice that has been preserved with additives, natural juice is the option for all healthy eaters. The best way to extract this natural juice is often through the use of hydraulic press that crushes the fruits or vegetables and extracts natural nectar out of them leaving just the pulp and the fiber.

This is the process of obtaining cold-pressed juice from your fruits and vegetables. However, health fanatics often wonder how long does cold-pressed juice last? Well, we can say give or take maybe three days, but this depends on so many factors.

Why Cold Pressed Juice?

How Long Does Cold Pressed Juice Last?

The fact that cold-pressed juice is one hundred percent natural means that so many people would prefer it to the artificially packaged juices. There are no extra ingredients used in making cold-pressed juice, and the natural nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables used in making the juice is retained in the extracted nectar. Since the centrifugal juicers are not employed, in the making of this one hundred percent natural juice, the nutritional values are not destroyed by heating processes that may destroy the enzymes responsible for these values.

Cold-pressed juices makers also produce more juice more than any other way of extracting juice. You could extract your juice in two basic ways. You may grind your fruits or veggies into pulps where the fibers are separated from the juice. This happens when you squeeze out the juice by wrapping the fruit against the filter bag. The amount of force you apply will determine the amount of juice that will come out at once. This is a long process that requires a lot of elbow work.

However, with a cold press juice machine, all you have to do is the alternative for the first method is just to cut down your fruit into tinier bits. You then fit this into a juicer after washing. You will see more juice being squeezed out for immediate consumption than the first process.  The machine often comes with a lot of button options all depending on how you want your juice to be.

From the explanation above, you will realize that cold press juice has some apparent advantages that make it very desirable, and these benefits include:

  • Cold-pressed juice is healthier and more nutritious
  • It saves time and energy, and you have more juice from your fruit than in any other type of juicer
  • It creates a more convenient way of consuming fruit and vegetable

How the Cold-Press Juicer Works?

The cold press juicer is not a complicated machine, and operation modes may differ from brands to brands. However, the machine has an essential feature, no matter what the brand is. This essential feature slowly adds pressure on the fruit that has been put into it to process. If it is automated, the amount of pressure the machine will mount on your fruit or vegetable will depend on how much juice you want to extract, and even the type of juice you’d like.

By the type of juice, some juicers may present a little escape of fiber with your juice to make you enjoy an almost pulp juice feel. While other functions may be for pure juice only. Whichever the case is, one thing is very important here, and this is the fact that the machine is programmed to crush the fruit and vegetable without producing heat. This way you are sure that all nutrients and enzymes are intact in the juice.

The simple illustration here is when you try blending your fruit with a normal blender, without ice, you will realize how slightly warm or hot the blended fruit will be at the point of sieving out the juice. However, with a cold-press juicer, a screw auger is gently used to pressure out cold juice from your fruit to retain the original nectar content of your fruit.

People often wonder if there are certain types of fruit or vegetable than a cold-press juicer is best suitable for. Well, all fruits and vegetables can be juiced by this machine. It doesn’t matter whether the leaves are so small or too large. If they are large, you might have to cut them into tinier bits, and if they are too small you might have to have sufficient content for the machine to juice. This is why you must go for a great cold-press juicer to enjoy the quality nature of a cold-press juice.

How Long Does Cold Pressed Juice Last?

Preserving Cold-Pressed Juice

Freshly pressed juice can last longer depending on the kind of atmosphere you expose it to. The major reason why blended fruits are quick to lose flavor is the fact that they are heated in the process of blending the juice out of the fruits. The blended solution is further exposed to other conditions that may corrupt the natural nectar content of the extract, and making them quite unpleasant to consume.

With cold-pressed juice, the extracted juice isn’t exposed to any heat, and the vitamins and enzymes are still very in their most natural form. If shelved at this point, a cold-pressed juice may last for up to five days. This may depend on how often you unsettle the juice extract, but regardless you should be looking at three to five days of shelf life.

Ensure to store your juice in the fridge and consume between three to five days. Without being shelved, you can still expose the extract to room temperature for up to twenty-four hours before consumption. Also, most people often ask if cold-pressed juice can be frozen. Well, it can but you might be needing a few things to achieve this.

It is very possible to freeze your raw freshly cold-pressed juice and still retain the vitamin and enzymes. Remember that cold temperature is what is needed in retaining these essential nutritional values. One of the things you need is a freezer-safe bottle or container. Ensure you do not shake up the extract violently to cause any form of internal heat before turning the extracts into your freezer-safe bottles and containers.

Do not store your extracted nectar inside freezer-safe bottles and containers only to store them away in a fridge. You are freezing the contains and not refrigerating. If properly frozen, your cold-pressed juice can last up to six months in their frozen state. Also, remember your freezer must be powered at all times. It is not ideal to freeze back an unfrozen juice. It might get damaged while it was defrosting and may no longer be healthy for consumption. Hence ensure your freezer is powered at all times.


For most healthy eaters, cold-pressed juice remains the most ideal natural juice form that is highly demanded. It offers pure organic nutritional value, and it makes eating fruits and veggies an exciting thing to do. However, we all agree that cold-pressing juice out of our favorite fruit is rather exhausting.

Thus, we have provided answers to all questions related to how long you could preserve your cold-pressed for. Do try to explore any of our proffered options to create a longer shelf life for your cold-pressed juice.

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