Home Hero Knife Set Review – Is the Quality Worth the Money?

The essence of buying a knife set is to get equipped with all the essential knives that make cutting in the kitchen easier and more comfortable. Thus, the Home Hero brand offers you a quality seventeen-piece set that will cater to all your kitchen needs and cutting requirements. In this Home Hero knife set review, we shall take you through the pros, cons and highlights of this amazing cutlery set.

Home Hero Knife Set Review – The price is astonishing.

You are one step away from improving your kitchen with a quality knife set designed to last. Unlike the overpriced sets you will find in most retail stores that will end up with you looking for a replacement, this knife set is the sort that your subsequent generation might get to see. The durability is overwhelming, and the price is astonishing.

Talking about price, we have been programmed to believe that the more expensive something is, the better they are in terms of functionality. However, the Home Hero brand is here to change the narrative. With a price that almost anyone can afford, this brand presents the very best quality that one can seek in a knife without any form of compromise. Now, you can boast of having one of every single important knife expected of a professional chef.

Let us introduce you to thirteen professional knives you will get to use when you invest in this product. This set boasts of thirteen professional knives that will meet professional chefs and regular kitchen users’ needs. Think of it, a set having a cheese knife, pizza knife, bread knife, chef knife, paring knife, steak knife, and so much more is nothing but a kitchen treasure.

It is just about the number of knives now, but the essential tools included make it a complete kitchen wonder set. You have a scissor, which is the most underrated kitchen tool, and most brands even ignore to include it in their set. The set includes a peeler, a multipurpose sharpener and a knife stand for storing the knives conveniently.

Remember, we already mention that the brand is very particular about quality. Hence, you are looking at a set made from premium high carbon stainless steel with an overall Rockwell hardness rate of sixty-two. This testifies to the intensity of the knives in terms of inner core strength and durability and proves that impurity is prevented in all its forms. Thus, this set is protected from corrosion and discoloration and other tarnishing stains that might interfere with the classic black appeal that the knives carry.

Talking about the black appeal, each of the knives is covered with a black nonstick quote. This is in furtherance of the set’s superb utility and functionality. Thus, you don’t have to deal with messy blade surface as the food and ingredients you cut slide off the knives’ surface without stress. Cutting is also very practical. This is because the knives come with hand sharpened edges that are individually honed for perfect precision cutting.

Furthermore, the edge retention rate is impressive as you wouldn’t see yourself doing routine sharpening too often. A multipurpose sharpener is included in the set to ensure a total stress-free sharpening experience even when you have to. Since the knives come with nonstick coated blades, they become very easy to clean. To make cleaning even easier, these knives and every other tool included in the set are safe for use in the dishwasher.

Let us help the brand reiterate the essence of their emphasis on quality, which allows you to own every piece of culinary tool that every top chef could afford to own in their kitchen. This also includes the ability to deliver perfect cutting effortlessly. Thus, the knives come with ergonomically designed handles that ensure a secure and safe grip and balance the weights out.

Pros and Key Features

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Nonstick coated blade surface
  • Sturdy and efficient
  • Acute edge retention
  • Very affordable
  • Professionally complete multipurpose set


  • The nonstick coat may peel off when sharpening.
  • The Pizza knife design is poor.
  • Acrylic knife holder may crack over time.

For Budget Options

We have recommended this set as an option for the soft pricing. But if you still have not found a suitable choice for your kitchen, you can check out our reviews on budget: the Best Chef Knives Under $50, the Best Chef Knives Under $100, and the Best Knife Sets Under $200 reviews

So, Should it be worthy to buy?

This Home Hero knife set review exposes you to all the right information you need to know when buying the set. However, buying the set is a great choice because hardly will you find a truly quality knife set that comes with every essential kitchen knives and tools you would need in your kitchen. Especially, if you have a limited budget, this set is really an ideal option.

Home Hero Stainless Steel Knife Set 17 Piece Set

If you are looking for a set that will highlight your kitchen décor, this set is aesthetically satisfactory enough. Thus, the Home Hero knife set is a worthy investment to advise anyone to settle for. We wish you a very happy cutting experience.