Gotham Steel Pan Review 2022 – We Don’t Like it!

The Gotham Steel Pan is a new product of ceramic coated cookware. Amongst their claims is the boast of being one of the best manufacturers of durable nonstick cookware. However, according to the Gotham steel pan reviews, these claims are not entirely accurate, and as such, we cannot recommend it wholeheartedly.

Gotham Steel Pan Review – We don’t like it!

Gotham Steel Company has been in the cookware market for a while now and is being used extensively in different homes and food industries. They specialize in producing nonstick cookware that is durable and makes cooking easy and fun. However, according to Gotham steel frying pan reviews by current and past users of the brand's product, these claims are not right for every product manufactured by the Gotham steel company.

Consequently, to ensure you don't end up buying the wrong one, we did our research on the products, and in this article, we'll be discussing one Gotham steel pan that we recommend not buying and three Gotham steel product that is safe for purchase. In addition we recommend 2 other great brands for you:

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Gotham Steel Frying Pan Review - Not Recommended

According to the Gotham Steel Company's claims, this 11-inch Gotham Steel pan features their award-winning nonstick coating, Ti-Cerama, which is manufactured using a combination of nonstick titanium and ceramic. The coating ensures stress-free cooking without the use of oil or fats, letting your food slide off easily after cooking. The coating is also believed to be free of PFOA, PFOS, and PTFE toxins.

Furthermore, the pan is made using aluminum, which ensures even heat distribution when cooking, thereby preventing cold or hot spots. The titanium has a copper-colored interior also gives the pan a distinct look and a glossy black exterior. The pan is lightweight and thus provides a comfortable cooking experience. Finally, the pan is oven save to a temperature of about 500°F, has stainless-steel handles that remain cool while you cook, and is dishwasher safe.

Pros and Benefits

  • Ti-Cerama coating.
  • Scratch-proof.
  • Ultra-durable.
  • Even distribution of heat.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Oven safe.
  • Comfortable handles.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Unfortunately, according to the Gotham steel pan review, these claims seem to be untrue for many users of the product. There's been lots of negative feedback regarding the nonstick coating that is said to be highly durable by the producers but has not lived up to the expectations. Hence, we do not recommend it for purchase.

Top 3 Best Cookware of Gotham Steel



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If, however, you are still interested in other cookware by these brands, then feel free to purchase any of the following:

1. Gotham Steel Pots & Pans Set

This 10-piece cookware set has incorporated everything you would need to cook in your kitchen; it includes nonstick fry pans, saucepans, stockpots, and steamers, all light in weight and hence comfortable to handle and use. As with all Gotham Steel Pans, this cookware set features the award-winning Ti-Cerama nonstick coating that ensures that your food is released quickly from your cookware without sticking after cooking. And according to manufacturers, you don't need to make use of oil or butter to prevent sticking.

Consequently, as a result of the nonstick feature, each component of this cookware set is very durable, has a scratch-proof surface, and is metal utensil safe; this, therefore, ensures an extended lifespan and reliable usage. The cookware set also features a solid aluminum base, which provides there is even distribution of heat, making it suitable for all stovetops, including gas, electric but excluding induction stovetops. They are lightweight, which makes the cooking experience fun and comfortable.

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Finally, the pots and pans are oven safe to a temperature of about 500°F and are dishwasher safe, making washing and clean up very easy and effortless. Hence, with all of these features in play, it's, therefore, no surprise that, according to Gotham steel cookware reviews, this is one of the best cookware sets made by the Gotham steel brand.

Pros and Benefits

  • 10-piece cookware set.
  • Ti-Cerama coating.
  • Very durable and scratch-proof.
  • Solid aluminum base.
  • Lightweight ensures comfortability.
  • Oven safe.
  • Dishwasher safe.

2. Gotham Steel Square Skillet

According to Gotham steel frying pan reviews, the Gotham steel company's square skillet/pans features more space than the regular round pans, approximately 25% more cooking space. The pan has a stainless-steel induction plate attached to the bottom of the pan and ensures efficient and even distribution of heat from one edge to the other. It also has a super nonstick ceramic and titanium coating, which provides easy release of food from the pan without using oil and butter first to aid easy sliding.

In addition to that, the square shape of the pan makes it very versatile and can therefore be used to bake, fry, broil, sauté, steam, braising and lots of other cooking activities, hence helping you to bring to life your favorite food recipe. Finally, the 11-inches square pan is oven safe to a temperature of 500°F, which allows a safe transition from the use of a stove to that of oven use and can also washing can be done safely using a dishwasher.

Pros and Benefits

  • 25% more cooking surface.
  • Super nonstick coating.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Versatile in use.
  • Oven safe.

3. Gotham Steel Grill Pan

This beautiful grill pan by the Gotham Steel Company is another fantastic product by the brand. The 10.5-inches square aluminum grill pan features the award-winning Ti-Cerama nonstick titanium. Ceramic coating allows all your cooked food items to slide off easily when you’re done with cooking, and this is without a need to add any form of oil or fat to aid or assist the release. The ridges on the bottom of the grill attach appealing sear marks to your food and allow additional fats and liquids to drip off the food. It is also free from toxins such as PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS.

Furthermore, the solid aluminum base ensures there’s even heat distribution to every corner of the pan, thus eliminating cold and hot spots. The handles, made of stainless steel, remain cool to hold even while you're still cooking. Besides, the pan is oven safe to 500°F and suitable for all stovetops, including gas, halogen stovetops but excluding induction stove. And finally, the pan is dishwasher safe, thus making cleanup easy and effortless. And so, according to Gotham steel pan reviews, this grill pan is perfect for grilling your burgers, chicken bacon, and carrying out other forms of cooking.

Pros and Benefits

  • Nonstick grill coating.
  • Food slides off easily.
  • Ridges along the grill's bottom.
  • Even distribution of heat.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Handles remain cool & comfortable,
  • Dishwasher safe.

FAQ’s about Gotham Steel Cookware

1. Why is food sticking to my Gotham steel pan?

The Gotham steel pans are built such that the nonstick coating does not require any form of oil of fat to enable easy release of food after cooking. However, if you are purchasing your pan newly and notice your food starts to stick, then it's probably due to you using too much heat while cooking, so you can try adjusting your stove to the medium or low cooking heat. If you have been using your pan for a long time and your food starts sticking, then, by all means, use a little spray of oil to ensure it remains nonstick.

2. Which is better, Gotham steel or Blue Diamond?

By all means, the Blue Diamond pans are far better than the Gotham steel pans because of their ceramic coating infused with diamonds; this makes it 10× better, 5× harder than the average nonstick pans, which includes Gotham Steel Pans.

3. How do you take care of a Gotham steel pan?

Like every other nonstick pan in the market, you must take the utmost care of your Gotham Steel Pans to ensure the nonstick surface remains durable and keeps your food from sticking to the surface. After use, you can use a dry paper towel to wipe off any residue left on the surface. When there's a greasy spot or stain, you can make use of a mild dishwashing soap pr liquid along with a sponge or dishcloth to wipe it off, and your cookware remains as good as new.

4. Can you put Gotham steel pans in the oven?

Yes, you can; the Gotham steel pans, according to the manufacturer's claims and reviews from the product users, the Gotham steel pans are oven safe to a temperature of about 400°F. So, feel free to move your cooking from the stovetop to your oven.


In this article, we have successfully looked at the features that make the Gotham steel pan different from other pans available in the market. And based on the Gotham steel pan reviews by previous and current users of the product, we have listed three best Gotham steel pans that are highly recommended by us to purchase and the one Gotham steel pan you should be cautious about buying.

Therefore, we believe that now that we have equipped you with every information regarding Gotham steel pans and pots, you know which to safely purchase for use the next time you visit the market to get a new fry pan. Hence, do not hesitate to purchase any of the cookware products that have been listed above except for number one. And I can assure you that a beautiful cooking experience awaits you.