Cuisinart Knife Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Best Sets of This Brand

The best knives for your kitchen are necessary to make cooking easier and faster, giving you the best result. This fact is why the Cuisinart brand, a successful home appliance company, ventured into knife productions. And according to Cuisinart knife reviews, these knives are the best kitchen knives available.

Cuisinart Knife Reviews

Top 5 Best Cuisinart Knife Set Reviews

Rank Knife Set Blade Material
1 Cuisinart hollow handle C77SS 15-Piece Knife Set Stainless Steel
2 Cuisinart C55-01 12-Piece Advantage Color Knife Set Stainless Steel
3 Cuisinart C77TR-16P Triple Rivet Knife Set Stainless Steel
4 Cuisinart C77SSR 12-Piece Color Pro Collection. High-carbon stainless steel
5 Cuisinart C77NS 7-piece Classic Nonstick Edge Stainless Steel

The Cuisinart brand is a significant cookware brand that has come to stay; the knifes sets made by the brand are excellent for your kitchen use. However, based on Cuisinart knife reviews by users of this knife, it’s clear that some of the knife models do not entirely meet up to users’ expectations.

Therefore, to prevent this, our team looked at these models and came up with the 5 best Cuisinart knife sets for your kitchen use. The models include the following:

1. Cuisinart hollow handle C77SS 15-Piece Knife Set

This knife set is the first and most recommended Cuisinart knife set by us. The collection contains 15 knife pieces of different sizes, giving various options to choose from depending on what you need to cut. The components include the different varieties of knives such as chef, paring (bird’s beak), santoku knives, a slicing knife for slicing your bread, paring knife (a small version of the chef knife), utility knife (has serrated edges), sharpening steel, and household shears. It also has a hollow handle block produced from stainless steel, making it very easy to store your knives after use. The blade is made from superior quality carbon steel, and the edges are very sharp, allowing you to cut through the most rigid food material precisely and accurately.   

Additionally, the blades are also easy to clean and gradually narrows to a sharp edge. Besides, the handles (stainless steel) are ergonomically designed to make handling comfortable and easy, allowing you to hold down meat while you cut without being stressed. Therefore, the knife can be used for slicing, carving, and cutting, meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Pros and Benefits

  • 15-piece knife set.
  • Strong bolster for stability.
  • Carbon steel blades.
  • Ergonomically designed handles.
  • Very sharp blades.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Hollow handle block.

2. Cuisinart C55-01 12-Piece Advantage Color Knife Set

This model of the Cuisinart brand is the next on our list of best Cuisinart knife sets; it comes in various colors that help spice your kitchenware collections, making it alluring. The product is made of stainless steel and contains six knives and six knife covers, including a chef knife, serrated bread, slicing knives, santoku knife, utility knife, and a paring knife. The covers make it very easy to store your utensils after using and cleaning.

Furthermore, the blade constructed using stainless-steel features a nonstick color coating that makes slicing very easy. The color-coding also helps reduce cross-contamination when preparing your food, as you can easily decipher which knife is used for what based on the knife color. The handles are also designed ergonomically, making it very easy to handle and use while working with it. They are straightforward to use, clean, and maintain after use. Finally, the knife can be used to perform various functions, including slicing bread, chopping vegetables, cutting meats, and even fruits, hence making it a necessity in your kitchen.

Pros and Benefits

  • 12-piece kitchen set.
  • Nonstick color coating.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Color coding prevents contamination.
  • Easy to clean after use.

3. Cuisinart C77TR-16P Triple Rivet Knife Set

From Cuisinart knife reviews, the C77TR triple river knife set by Cuisinart is a must-have in your kitchen. The set contains 16 knife pieces, including utility, paring, chef, paring (bird’s beak) knives, as well as 8 steak knives, steel for sharpening dull knives, household shears, and a block set. The block set contains spaces for storing the utensils in the collection.

Besides, the sharp knife blades are forged with superior high carbon stainless steel that provides precise and accurate cutting for your food item; they narrow to a sharp edge. The blades have rivets (stainless steel) used to attach the full-tang blade to the handles. They have stability, providing easy control as the knives possess a safety bolster that is wide.

Finally, the handles are well shaped, making them comfortable (ergonomic) to hold and use with little force exertion. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them the best kitchen knives for your use.

Pros and Benefits

  • 16-Piece kitchen set.
  • Multi-purpose uses.
  • Carbon steel blade.
  • Precise and accurate cuttings.
  • Durable safety bolster.
  • Rivets made from stainless-steel.
  • Ergonomically designed handles.
  • Easy to use.

4. Cuisinart C77SSR 12-Piece Color Pro Collection.

This knife set is one of my favorites, perhaps because of the colorful handle; I love the color red, added to the fact that the knife is well designed and carries out its functions efficiently. The set contains 12 knife pieces, including a chef knife, utility, santoku, slicing knives; it also has 4 steak knives, a paring knife, sharpening steel, a shear, and finally, a modern knife block for holding your knife. 

The set features precision tapered ground blades that gradually narrow down to a sharp and fine edge; the blade is made of quality carbon steel that ensures precise and accurate cutting of your food items. Besides, the handles are designed for comfortable (ergonomic) handling, making it easy to use with little pressure. Finally, the blade can be cleaned and maintained easily after use. So, the next time you want to purchase the best Cuisinart knife set, do not hesitate to buy this, as the knives can be used to cut, slice, chop, carve and dice your food items.

Pros and Benefits

  • 12-piece knife set.
  • Carbon stainless steel blades.
  • Stainless steel ergonomic handles.
  • Knife block aids storage.
  • Multi-purpose uses.
  • Precision tapered blades.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

5. Cuisinart C77NS 7-piece Classic Nonstick Edge

This 7-piece set is the next on our best Cuisinart knife set; it contains a chef knife, serrated bread knife, santoku knife, carving knife, utility knife, paring knife, and a black Acrylic stand for storing the utensils after usage. The knife’s blades are made of high carbon and superior stainless steel with ground grooves that is hollow and feature a nonstick surface coating that makes it very easy to clean after usage and ensures long-lasting performance.

Furthermore, the handle has a soft grip and anti-slip feature that enables you to hold your blade firmly in place while using the knife. Besides, the acrylic stand used to control the knives has a removable panel that makes it easy to clean the stand. Finally, according to Cuisinart’s classic knife set, this set is very efficient for kitchen use and can be maintained easily.

Pros and Benefits

  • 7-piece knife set.
  • Stainless steel and carbon blade.
  • Nonstick blade coating.
  • Nonslip, soft-grip handle.
  • Acrylic stand.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

FAQ’s on Cuisinart Knives

1. Does Cuisinart make good knives?

Yes, Cuisinart is a great knife brand; it comes in sets of different knife types for performing different functions such as cutting your meat, fruits, vegetables, and even slicing bread.

2. What are Cuisinart knives made of?

Cuisinart knives are made of superior stainless steel and high carbon to aid precise and accurate cutting. It also prevents rust of the blade. The handles are often made of stainless steel also.

3. Are Cuisinart knives made in the USA?

Although the brand had become a significant product in the USA, it is however not manufactured there. Conair corporation currently owns the brand, which assembles all its products in China, including its Cuisinart cookware.

4. Can you sharpen Cuisinart colored knives?

Yes, you can. However, it requires extreme cation, so you don’t nick the coating causing it to peel. So, for such knives, you should employ the services of a professional knife sharpener.

5. Can you wash Cuisinart knives in the dishwasher?

Some Cuisinart knife sets are specially manufactured to be dishwasher safe. So, if you want a safe dishwasher knife, you should ensure you confirm the manufacturer’s description before buying or using a dishwasher.

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The Cuisinart knife set is one of the best chef knives available in the market for sale. The knives come in groups and contain different blades that can be used to perform different purposes, such as cutting meat, chopping vegetables, peeling and cutting fruits, and slicing bread. This feature makes the knife versatile and convenient to use in meeting your various kitchen needs.

Having done detailed research, we highlighted the 5 best Cuisinart knife sets, based on the Cuisinart knife reviews and our experience from using these knives. The Cuisinart hollow handle C77SS 15-Piece Knife Set is highly recommended by us. However, based on your preferences and budget, be rest assured that the purchase of any of these sets in our list will keep you smiling in your kitchen as you prepare your favorite cuisines.