Cangshan Knives Review – Top 6 Best Sets of This Brand 2022

Handling the best knife, by total experts, is far more than just the brand. It is the excellence of the craft and impressive technology that is devoted to making the knife’s blade that makes an exceptional knife. The Cangshan brand is known for making exceptional knives, and in this Cangshan knives review, we shall explore all that the brand has got to offer.

Overview of Cangshan Cutlery Brand

The brand is driven by a personal conviction of making a series of exceptional knives. Bored by the poor regular knives that filled the knife market, Henry Liu wet out to make something quite extraordinary. Having looked for the best team to help work the magic of making an extremely durable knife, the founder of this brand found his right team in the great mountain of Yangjiang.

This place is peculiar to culinary works that are outstandingly durable. Perhaps, this is because they have been in the business of making knives and other cutleries for over 1500 years.

Today, a young man’s vision that started in the heart of China has metamorphosed into a brand that I now widely accepted throughout the entire world. The blade is well-crafted from a process that is now improved using modern innovation and technology. Hence, durability and core strength is guaranteed for every piece of knife you get from this brand.

Different Series of Cangshan Knives


Nothing short of exceptional is expected from this knife series as it is designed by one of the most talented Michelin star chefs in the world, Thomas Keller. It has been recognized as one of Oprah’s favourite things of 2020.

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TN1 Series

Let the comfort, elegance of top efficiency of a Swedish made blade give your kitchen space an amazing hint that it deserves. Everything, from scratch to finish, is crafted in such a way that utmost quality is guaranteed.

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TC Series

This series gives you modernly carved knives in enviable designs that every kitchen wants. They are styled for comfort, and they will deliver such acute precision cut as you want.

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TS Series

Lovers of triple-riveted knives will love this for what it is. With a fancy cut and sleeker appearance feature, this knife comes fully prepared. In terms of cutting precision, nothing beats the TS series.

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TA Series

Experience the elegance that comes with knives designed with luxurious African handles. The handles are then complimented with an exquisitely sharp blade, leaving you well-equipped for any kitchen task.

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TV2 Series

There is something about the Swedish steel blade that makes it a very desirable material for crafting great blades. This series comes with a knife that is durable and protected to ensure you have a lifetime quality.

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J Series

This series gives you the best Asian styled knives that money can ever get you. You are set to enjoy all the flexibility that comes with owning an Asian styled blade with comfortable handles.

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S1 Series

Get a modern-looking knife with an elemental body that gives your kitchen that contemporary feels you’ve always wanted. You wouldn’t have to sacrifice durability and quality for a sleek knife as this series ensures that you have it all.

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TG Series

In assuring that you have nothing but an all-round quality knife, the brand has introduced its premium fibreglass handle that is fabricated for pure ergonomic advantage. Now your hand can experience the touch of a well-made handle.

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H1 Series

The knife has a better handle and grip. Hence, the balance of the entire knife is wonderful. This series gives you a great handle coupled with an essentially quality blade to help you achieve faster cutting in your kitchen space.

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X Series

Experience premium geometric designs with a perfect handle to help you balance the knife’s weight as well as giving you maximum ergonomic construction. This series is exactly synonymous with that a great knife should look like.

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R Series

This knife gives you the feel of what a knife looks like when attention is paid to every part of it. From the handle to the blade, and magnetic sheath, the manufacturer, paid exclusive attention to making sure you have nothing but quality in your kitchen space.

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S Series

The blade comes with the perfect edge retention that keeps you away from frequent routine sharpening. The handle offers balance and makes the knife very easy to handle.

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W Series

With intricate brass rivets, sharp blade and powerful handle, this series leaves no doubt about how tastefully designed the knives are. No wonder it emerged the winner of the Red Dot Design award.

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Y2 Series

Experience nimble precision at its very best. The design comes in bold blade construction and powerful edge sharpness. The handle then offers a perfect balance that makes handling easier.

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P2 Series

This series offers a premium selection of commercial cutlery that culinary expert will find very helpful. There is every piece of essential knife you may ever need to get whatever job is done.

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N Series

The knives are expertly crafted to help you solve cutting problems in your kitchen space. The edge retention is fantastic, and the handles are carved to give you ergonomic ease.

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V2 Series

For lovers of classic knife style, you will find this series classic and simple to fit your daily use. Yet, you wouldn’t have to do away with quality as these knives retain sharpness and durable blade with a great handle.

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D Series

Supported with tang and honed tips, the blade is flawlessly fabricated to serve you for a lifetime. The edge retention is great, and the handle is elegantly designed to give you a modern ergonomic advantage.

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Z Series

For professional use and regular home use, here is the sort of knife that gives a striking appearance, and a powerful strike on ingredient. The handle is super efficient, and the blade super sharp.

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Top 6 Best Cangshan Knives Sets Reviews

Rank Knife Set Price
1 Cangshan Z Series 1024180 Knife Block Set Check on Amazon
2 Cangshan S1 Series 1022599 Knife Block Set Check on Amazon
3 Cangshan Y2 Series Knife Set, 6-Piece German Steel Block Check on Amazon
4 Cangshan N1 Series 59205 Knife Block Set Check on Amazon
5 Cangshan V2 Series 1024128 Knife Block Set Check on Amazon
6 Cangshan J Series 61932 Starter Knife Set Check on Amazon

1. Cangshan Z Series 1024180 Knife Block Set.

This product isn’t just great, but it comes with seventeen-piece of different culinary knives and product all in a bid to ensure you experience more efficient cutting experience in your kitchen. The knives are made using a high-quality carbon German stainless steel. Hence, the blades are flawless.

The blades are flawless in terms of resistance again rust and stains. This is largely because the blades are given expert heat treatment. The knives are well-secured in a walnut block that keeps them in good shape after use. Since the high carbon steel comes with a hint of alloy, the blade is well-balanced.

Furthermore, the handle is given essential ergonomic support to ensure proper handling and secure grip. In terms of hardness scale, the knives rated over fifty-eight, making them just the right set of knife you need in your kitchen.

Pros and Benefits

  • 58+ in the hardness scale
  • Perfect handle balance
  • Lightweight
  • Resistance to rust and stains

2. Cangshan S1 Series 1022599 Knife Block Set.

Here is another seventeen piece set that offers every essential kitchen culinary knife you may ever need in your kitchen space. These knives are crafted from quality alloy steel. Hence, they are super durable and yet very lightweight for very easy handling.

The blades are given serrated edges to help ensure a lifetime of perfect edge retention. This means you don’t have to worry about routine sharpening too frequently. The blades are fully tanged, and they rate over fifty-eight in the hardness scale, making them just the right set of knives to invest on.

Additionally, the knives are well-secured in a wooden block made from walnut wood. Hence, they are protected from damaging elements even when they are already fortified with antirust and stain-resistant features. Furthermore, the handles are given the perfect ergonomic design you need for a secure grip and perfect handling. It is also riveted to ensure full support for as long as it lasts.

Pros and Benefits

  • Lightweight alloy construction
  • Durably fortified with anti-damaging features
  •  Comfortable handles
  • Serrated edges

3. Cangshan Y2 Series Knife Set, 6-Piece German Steel Block

There is something about knives with serrated edges that make them very desirable for anyone looking for the most quality type of knife. The edge retention when a blade is serrated is nothing shorter than being top-notch, and so experts have always relied on this kind of blade to do their daily task without worrying about sharpening. You too, can benefit.

The blade is made from quality stainless steel that is treated to prevent rusting or other forms of tarnish. Furthermore, you get to have six knives in this set, and these knives are versatile enough to see you through most of your kitchen tasks. In the Rockwell hardness scale, each of these knives also rates over fifty-eight.

The knives come in wooden block to help you store the knife away more appropriately. The handles are also designed to give you premium ergonomic benefit as they help out in balancing the entire weight of the knife. They also ensure a very secure grip.

Pros and Benefits

  • Non-tarnish blade construction
  • Perfect ergonomic advantage
  • Wooden block for extra protection
  • Serrated edges

4. Cangshan N1 Series 59205 Knife Block Set.

This knife set has the approval of the National Sanitation Foundation and what this means is that each of the five knives you will find in this set can help prepare your meal in an ideal way. The precision cutting you will experience is nothing short of being top-notch. This is because its cutting edge is patented to ensure acute sharpness.

The blade is made from quality stainless steel material to ensure fortified non-tarnish protection and long term durability. To offer further protection, you get to have a block, made from acacia wood, where you can store away your knives after use.

Most importantly, the handles are made to be all-steel handles, yet they are designed to give you a secure grip. The handles will not slip off when wet, and they offer premium ergonomic benefits, in terms of weight balancing and handling, to ensure you have a flawless cutting experience in your kitchen space.

Pros and Benefits

  • Hygienic for kitchen use
  • Patented edge for great edge retention
  • Ergonomic all-steel handle
  • Proper blade balance and non-tarnish protection

5. Cangshan V2 Series 1024128 Knife Block Set.

This is one of the most affordable Cangshan brand knives sets you an ever get to buy. This is because when you compare the twenty-three piece of essential knives, you are getting from this set to what is obtainable in other sets, then you will realize you’ve saved a lot. Hence, this is the set you buy as an expert or when you need different kinds of knives.

Most importantly, the knives are made using the best high carbon German stainless steel that is given expert heat treatment. Thus, the blades are not just formidable; they are free from damaging tarnishes. Hence, you are protected from rust and stains. The edges are made to be exceptionally sharp for precision cutting.

Furthermore, the set comes with a wooden block made from acacia wood. This ensures further protection for these handcrafted knives. The handle also offers perfect weight balancing and super comfortable handling.

Pros and Benefits

  • Non-tarnish protection
  • Precision cutting edge
  • Ergonomic handle support
  • Sturdy blade construction

6. Cangshan J Series 61932 Starter Knife Set

Experience the versatility of an Asian knife when you buy this three-piece knife set. Each of the pieces is genuinely crafted to offer you versatility. Hence, you have three amazing knives of different sizes that can be used for different cutting style in your kitchen. The blade is made from a high-quality carbon Japanese stainless steel blade.

The blade is handcrafted to ensure superb precision cutting edge. Hence, you get to enjoy great edge retention that is made possible because of its serrated edge. These knives come with an individual magnetic sheath made from walnut wood. This, coupled with the non-tarnish protection, further protects the knives from damaging elements.

Furthermore, in terms of the hardness scale, these knives rate over fifty-eight. Also, the handles are made from African blackwood and carved into a shape that assures ergonomic benefit. Thus, a well-secured grip, comfortable handling and proper balance are guaranteed.

Pros and Benefits

  • The reliable edge retention feature
  • Ergonomic handle support
  • Protective sheath and non-tarnish features
  • High-quality alloy steel blade

Frequently Asked Questions about Cangshan Knives

1. Are Cangshan knives good?

The furnace and individuals from lineages that have crafted great culinary tools for over 1500 years were involved in making knives for this great brand. Hence, nothing but the quality is guaranteed.

2. Where are Cangshan knives made?

They are made in China but with special attention to global standards. This is why the brand has been embraced globally.

3. Are Cangshan Knives Dishwasher Safe?

The best way to clean this knife is by hand washing them only.


The Cangshan brand is a global brand that has specialized in making quality kitchen knives that are now well-embraced all over the world. They are very affordable and also very versatile. They come in excellent edges, and they are lightweight enough for easy handling.

We want you to partake in this excellent, and that is why this Cangshan Knives review contains detailed information on six of the most amazing knife set that the brand has ever made. Hence, select any that best suit your taste and enjoy a lifetime of quality.