6 Best Shun Knife Reviews for 2022 – The Ultimate Guide

The Shun brand has been dedicated to making the most useful knives for decades. Their knives are made to ensure you have a great cooking experience because they are lightweight and easy to use. Since they are Japanese knives, people often look for the best Shun knife, and we happy to review the top six products.

Overview of Shun Cutlery Company

Best Shun Knife Reviews

The Shun brand came to change the game in the knife market, with their Japanese style knives, that was plagued with heavy western-styled knives. The Shun cutlery industry has been renowned for making some of the most luxurious handcrafted knives you can ever see on the internet.

They have used a traditional technique that has been formulated over eight hundred years to produce the most lightweight and sturdy knife every professional chef seeks to own. They do not stop innovating, and that is why the knife has earned lots of innovative awards in the knife industry.

Japan is now renowned for the world’s most premium blades both for kitchen and commercial purposes, and Shun is one of the leading brands that is currently flying the flag. Established in 1908 as part of the KAI company, Shun as a leading brand has continued to pioneer modern upgrades to the ancient techniques to ensure that all knives they make available can compete internationally.

You will find most of the reviewed Shun products here to be the ones with Damascus blade pattern, and it is also worthy of note that most of these knives are wither hand-hammered into a perfect blade or handcrafted from scratch to finish. The aesthetics are as beautiful as the many qualities that you stand to benefit from.

The Main Series of Shun Knives


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The Shun Classic series features an amazing Damascus pattern blade made from genuinely durable high carbon stainless steel. The blade is then given perfectly ergonomic handle support.

Classic Blonde

Check Shun Classic Blonde Knives on Amazon

The classic bond puts the elegance appearance of a wooden handle to good use. By coupling the beautifully crafted handle with an appealingly durable blade, it offers you one of the most powerful knives you can own.


Check Shun Sora Knives on Amazon

The Sora series offers great edge retention capacity that gives every chef the power to slice through anything. The blade is perfectly honed and beautifully patterned, with full tang support, for flawless handling.


Check Shun Kanso Knives on Amazon

Experience the formidable cutting power of a sixteen-degree honed edge When you buy from the Kanso series. It is elegantly designed to be durable and classy as it has a well-crafted Tagayasan handle.

Dual Core

Check Shun Dual Core Knives on Amazon

The dual-core knife gives you the next level versatility in the right hands. Arm yourself with a beautifully designed blade that is crafted to do everything.


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The Premier series is handcrafted and forged to deliver excellently. The knives are lightweight with VG-MAX cutting ore technology. Hence, cut with ease and be reassured of a durable, fortified and nonstick blade surface.


The Shun Fuji line is crafted from the SG2 Japanese Steel, and clad on each side with Damascus steel. They are also a very popular line of Shun knives

Top 6 Best Shun Knives from Our Reviews

Rank Knife Blade Material
1 Shun Classic Eight-Inch Chef’s Knife VG-MAX steel
2 Shun Classic Seven-Inch Santoku Knife 16 Layers of stainless steel
3 Shun Cutlery Premier Eight-Inch Chef’s Knife VG10 Stainless steel
4 Shun Kanso Eight-Inch Stainless Steel High Carbon Stainless Steel
5 Shun Sora Eight-Inch Chef’s Knife VG10 Stainless steel
6 Shun Dual Core Eight-Inch Kiritsuke Knife VG10 & VG2 Steel

1. Shun Classic Eight-Inch Chef’s Knife

The Shun Classic Eight-Inch Chef Knife sits firmly on the number one position due to its exclusivity. As the name ‘Shun’ depicts; its direction is derived from ancient classical Japanese roots, making sure this product undergoes an excellent blade-making process to produce knives that can function amazingly.

Amazingly, this knife comes with a blade that is made from VG-MAX steel. Hence, the knife is formidable and can cut through anything all thanks to the extra tungsten that comes with it. Also, its durability is second to none due to the high level of cobalt and carbon involved in the production process. Interestingly, it does not rust, its corrosion resistance design keeps your knife shining for as long as you still want to use it.

Furthermore, this must-have kitchen tool possesses a pakkawood handle, a carefully engineered hardwood that makes it easy for handling and cleaning. It also has a durable and firm grip, helping you cut quickly and slice properly; its 8-inch length is also an added advantage to suit that course. This product is the perfect kitchen tool for anyone. Whether you are a chef, aspiring chef, restaurant, or home kitchens, it will always give you the desired result.

Pros and Benefits

  • A sharp blade with an ergonomically designed handle
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Hardwood Handle
  • High level of Durability

2. Shun Classic Seven-Inch Santoku Knife

If you crave a Japanese knife that can do anything then this seven-inch masterpiece is for you. The Shun brand ensured that no matter what your aim for owning a knife is, this particular knife has got you covered. All thanks to its unique construction that is specifically designed to ensure a flawless cutting experience.

This seven-inch knife is precision forged with high carbon stainless steel that is further fortified with all the necessary protection such as antirust and stain-resistant features. The blade itself is made from sixteen layers of stainless steel that comes together to give a Damascus steel feel.

The edge is carved to retain sharpness for such a long time, and you will not have to deal with sharpening your knife too often. The handle is very easy to use, and it is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. You also have that luxurious feel of a real pakkawood handle that is waterproof and will not slip off when using the knife.

Pros and Benefits

  • Sixteen layered stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Resistant to both water, rust, and stain
  • Excellent edge retention for blade

3. Shun Cutlery Premier Eight-Inch Chef’s Knife

Every kitchen needs this very versatile Japanese super chef knife. Firstly, this best Shun chef knife offers that absolute lightweight feature a very professional chef seeks to have. Hence, you have all the maneuvering you may seek to get all desired food cutting styles you may seek.

This eight-inch blade is made from a high carbon stainless steel that is further contoured for aesthetic purpose and durability that is quite unrivaled. It is further protected with resistance such as antirust and stain-proof feature that helps to ensure a flawless appearance for your knife all through. Also, this knife comes with a hammered tsuchime blade texture that gives the knife its non-sticky function. Hence, you cut through food easily.

Furthermore, you will not be stressing your hands too much with this knife as it comes with a handle carved to give you a full ergonomic advantage. It is luxuriously finished with a pakkawood handle that gives it this handcrafted excellence that sets the Shun brand apart from the rest.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Non-sticky blade
  • Ergonomically designed pakkawood handle
  • Resistant to stain and rust

4. Shun Kanso Eight-Inch Stainless Steel

Everyone wants a unique knife that will give all the functions of a premium Japanese knife but yet appears very sleek like a more modern innovative western knife. If this is what you seek then this knife is for you. You have an eight-inch long blade to help you through all your cutting activities. This isn’t just any eight-inch blade but one that is made from a high carbon stainless steel.

This stainless steel is precision forged to give you a dauntless blade that is protected against stain or rust. It is also designed to ensure that it has excellent edge retention to give you that effortless penetration into food and ingredient. To ensure this effortless cutting mechanism, the brand has ensured that this particular knife was particularly hand sharpened to a perfect Japanese taste.

What is a Japanese knife without a unique handle? This product is made from pakkawood that was carefully sorted from Africa. The wood is then carefully carved to ensure full ergonomic support while you use it. The handle is then fully riveted to your best advantage.

Pros and Benefits

  • Full-riveted pakkawood handle
  • Full ergonomic support
  • Precision-forged blade with excellent edge retention
  • Perfect aesthetic finish

5. Shun Sora Eight-Inch Chef’s Knife

It is almost as if Shun took a very innovative leap when making this knife. The knife offers complete professional help for those who need it. When we are talking about blades, We are not just talking about carbon stainless steel anymore. We are talking about a handcrafted Japanese blade that carries a VG10 san Mai cutting core. What this means is that this knife is as solid as a Chinese cleaver and as powerful as other cutting knives.

Hence, no matter what your cutting quest in the kitchen is, this knife has got you covered. The blade edge comes with the superb edge retention, and it is not a non-serrated edge. You can further sharpen the blade to your taste when the need arises. It is protected with antirust and stain resistance mechanisms to ensure durability. 

Furthermore, it is very easy to use and handle. It comes with a handle that is brilliantly carved to give you full ergonomic support. With the lightweight blade that the knife carries, the knife then becomes very easy to manoeuver.

Pros and Benefits

  • Innovatively crafted blade
  • Unique handle
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Lightweight and antirust

6. Shun Dual Core Eight-Inch Kiritsuke Knife

Since they are renowned for leading innovative designs, the Shun brand decides to give us a knife like no other. This knife design features a dual-core blade that offers an almost unrivaled cutting technology. The eight-inch knife is made from high carbon stainless steel that is further strengthened with high chromium composition to make a blade that can cut through everything.

The dual-core features a separate wear stage where each of the dual-core steel construction wears differently. Hence, you will enjoy unique edge retention technology like no other. It is made with seventy-one micro-layers of VG10 and VG2 steels that are matched in an alternating manner. Yet, this knife still offers a very lightweight feature, making it very easy to use.

Also, the knife comes with unique handle support that offers perfect handling, and full ergonomic support. The handle comes with full-riveted support that allows you a flawless Japanese blade experience. The handle also comes with a flawless aesthetic finish of pakkawood that helps this dual-core blade retain its lush feel.

Pro and Benefits

  •  Dual-core blade with serrated edge
  • Ebony pakkawood handle
  • Multi-layered stainless steel blade
  • Lightweight and easy to use

3 Best Shun Knife Sets from Our Reviews

1. Shun Classic Six-piece Slim Knife Block Set

Getting the best shun knife set isn’t as difficult as everyone seems it is. Here is an amazing knife set that offers a complete kitchen solution to every home. It comes with knives of various lengths that are useful to cut, dice, chop or slice anything food and ingredient. All of these knives were carefully crafted to ensure a spectacular aesthetic effect.

With this knife, it is not just about aesthetics but premium functionality. Thus, this knife comes with blades that are designed with great edge retention mechanism. It is made from over thirty layers of stainless steel to ensure a brilliant Damascus steel effect. With a VC-MAX cutting core, this brilliant set comes with knives that rate over sixty in the Rockwell hardness scale.

That is not all, your knives get all protection they need to ensure long term durability. thus, you get to enjoy blades with antirust protection, and it is also stain-proof. The handles of every item in the set is made from premium pakkawood, and this adds to the lushness of the knives.

Pros and Benefits

  • Unique edge retention
  • Pakkawood handles with an ergonomic advantage
  • Protection against rust and stain
  • Multipurpose knife set

2. Shun 3-Piece Starter Eight-Inch Multi-Purpose Chef’s Knife

Here is another handcrafted Japanese knife set that is currently setting the retail market on fire. There is hardly any knife set that comes with a sharpener, and that is why we were super excited when we say that this particular knife brand came with a ceramic retractable knife sharpener. This uncommon feature will give you so much comfort, and the fact that they come at a very affordable price makes the set even more desirable.

If you are looking for the best shun steak knives that offer all the flexibility you need to get a decent meat cut, then this set is for you. It can do all your cutting job for you. The blade comes with exceptional edge retention. Hence, you can always sharpen your taste with the sharpener that is included in the set.

Shun knife reviews are never complete without listing this amazing knife set. These knives come with pakkawood finish that was designed to be waterproof as well as prevent slip-off while you use them. The handle offers a complete weight balance, and this makes all the knives very easy to handle.

Pros and Benefits

  • Complete knife set for maximum kitchen use
  • Pakkawood handle with an ergonomic advantage
  • Premium edge retention
  • Easy to wash and handle

3. Shun Premier Three-Piece Kitchen Set

It is not every day you get to have a knife that is hand hammered into exceptional knife sets, and it is as a matter of delight that we introduce you to this amazing Shun knife set. This knife set comes in a set of three, and each of these knives was made from precision forged high carbon stainless steel. This means they have been forged for your multipurpose needs with an assurance of durability.

Furthermore, these knives are protected with antirust properties, and they are also stain-proof. You will enjoy the non-sticky feature that slips off food from the knife while cutting. It makes your work even faster and neater. Also, the knife is easy to clean as well as it is easy to use.

Talking about the knife set, you have a four-inch, six, and a half and eight-inch knife which you can choose from according to your cutting purpose. All of these knives are given a premium pakkawood handle that is further finished with a waterproof and non-slip advantage. The handle also offers a great balance that ensures all the knives give the lightweight and easy maneuvering feel.

Pros and Benefits

  •  Lightweight and easy to manoeuver
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Pakkawood handle with ergonomic feature
  • Hand-hammered blade with premium edge retention

How to Choose a Best Shun Knife for your Kitchen?

The Shun brand has manufactured several kinds of usable knives, and while all of them are uniquely designed to meet a purpose, not all of them might be that useful in the kitchen. Thus, it becomes important that you know how to choose the best shun knife for your kitchen. Very importantly, Shun knives are all about quality, and as such, they are made from the most durable and strongest of stainless steel combination. 

Hence, you might not have to consider the types of stainless steel your shun knife has since steel quality is guaranteed. In picking the right shun knife for your kitchen here are few things you should watch out for:

The Bolster

Since the shun brand is a Japanese brand, it is certain all their knives come with bolsters. The bolster is the upper part of the knife that gives it support on impact. It runs into the handle of your knife. Knives are meant to go through vigorous impact daily, and your knife must come with it.

Thus, you need to ensure that your knife comes with a bolster that is not heavy, and that distributes the entire weight of the knife very evenly. This way maneuvering feature of the shun knife is retained, and you can achieve so much with the knife very effortlessly.

The Handle

Fortunately, all the knives in our review all have a pakkawood handle. This shows how important it is for your knife to have one. While it is important, it isn’t entirely the feature that makes a great Shun knife. Instead, the handle must come with full ergonomic support that makes the knife easy to use without straining the wrist.

This feature must extend to the handle having a waterproof feature. This helps to keep the knife from being slippery after washing or while working with moisty ingredients. This feature keeps you safe from any danger that comes with a knife not having a non-slippery feature.

The Tang

This is a part of the knife that connects the knife into the handle and most Japanese designs come with a tang. Tangs may be full or half but it is important to choose the knife with a full tang. The basic advantage of this is to ensure that your fingers are kept entirely on the handle while working. Hence, your fingers are not exposed to the cutting edge of the knife.

The Tip

The tip is important when you need the knife for a particular task. Hence, in selecting the most appropriate knife for your kitchen, try to first determine what you want to do with it. For achieving a fine cut or deboning, you need a knife with a fine pointed tip while a pointed tip is not so important if all you want to do with your Shun knife is just slicing.

Lovers of Other knives

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How to Sharpen Shun Knife?

You have invested heavily in having the best brand of Japanese knife anyone can ever get, and you do not want to destroy your knife by sharpening it wrongly. It is then important to get the right kind of sharpener for your knife to keep the edge at an excellent retention rate.

While some Shun products come with their sharpener, in which case it is very easy to sharpen the knife. In a case where one is not included, a whetstone, stainless steel sharpener. Always ensure you wet the knife with water before rolling the knife on the stone. Do not forget to rinse after sharpening to remove any metal residue that might be left on the surface of the knife. Pet dry and store in a dry place.

So, What is the best Shun knife line?

Our favorite Shun knife is….

Shun Classic Eight-Inch Chef’s Knife

Having a Shun knife in your kitchen is one of the best decisions you will make this year. Not only will owning the best Shun knife gives you all the durability you may seek in a Japanese knife, but it will also give you all the value for money that you need.

That is why we are delighted to share with you the best six products we know you will love. Select any of these knives to suit your budget and enjoy a lifetime of Shun quality. We promise you that you won’t regret this!