Top 6 Best Serbian Chef Knives To Buy in 2022 Reviews

Owning a Serbian knife will help you achieve so much in your kitchen space. It is a multipurpose knife that enables you to achieve all types of cutting through all kinds of cooking ingredients. That is why we are walking you through buying one of the best Serbian chef knives.

What is a Serbian Knife?

Best Serbian Chef Knives

Most professionals prefer to use a Serbian knife (Almazan knife) because of its extreme strength and durability. The sharpness of this knife is unique, and because of this, professional chefs prefer to invest in this knife to save the stress of using multiple knives for one task.

This strength results from the components that go into making the knife, in which case are carbon and steel. This carbon steel is further reinforced so that it doesn’t allow edge breaking even after several rounds of sharpening. Since one can mistake a regular chef knife is a great Serbian knife, there is a need to walk you through an interesting Serbian chef knife review. In this case, you shall have six amazing products to choose from. They include:

Top 6 Best Serbian Chef Knives Review

Rank Knife Blade Material
1 XYJ Full Tang Forged Serbian Kitchen Chef Knife Handmade forged Steel
2 Promaja Handmade Serbian Chef’s Knife, 7-in Forged Carbon Steel Blade. High Carbon Steel
3 VK Damascus Serbian Cleaver Chopper Kitchen Chef Knife Handmade forged Steel
4 JNR Traders VKA5511 Serbian Cleaver Chopper Professional Knife Alloy Steel
5 Promithi Full Tang Handmade Professional Kitchen Chef Knife Handmade forged Steel
6 Warikf Hunters Serbian Chef Knife High Carbon Steel

1. XYJ Full Tang Forged Serbian Kitchen Chef Knife

There is something unique about knives purely forged using hands. It is almost as though the brand is emphasizing reassuring you of the consistency that comes with each of their products. With over three decades of wonderful production, this brand offers you a very Serbian knife that will break ease and dynamism into your kitchen space.

The XYJ Serbian knife is forged using the finest carbon steel technology still known to the knife making industry. Hence, you get to enjoy all the premium durability and superior cutting strength that comes with using this knife. The blade is made to carry substantial weight and yet light enough for easy maneuvering by any professional chef use and even personal home use.

The ease that comes with the weight is made possible because of the wooden handle and full tang support. The handle is carved to provide you with full ergonomic benefits. The knife is also resistant to stains and corrosion but does your part to keep away from moist, acidic, alkaline substances. Also, the product comes with a pouch that makes it even easier to carry about.

Pros and Benefits

  • High carbon steel forged technology
  • Durable blade with proper balance
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Easy to carry about

2. Promaja Handmade Serbian Chef’s Knife, 7-in Forged Carbon Steel Blade.

What do you think you can do with a knife that comes with a sufficiently long blade with thirty degrees of sharpened edge on both sides? We are certain that you will put this sharpness to use on all cutting and chopping in your kitchen space. The good news, again, is that you wouldn’t just be cutting and slicing up vegetables. This knife can serve several purposes.

Hence, we say dare one kitchen one knife if you are a big fan of handling a great Serbian Knife. Talking about handling, you will enjoy the artisanship of a well-crafted pakka wood handle that holds the premium high carbon steel blade. This relationship is well-balanced for safer and more secure handling. What is more, the knife comes with a handle designed for a comfortable grip.

This seven-inch knife is forged to replace every other kitchen knives. It is affordable, and it comes protected from damaging elements such as stains and rust. Hence, you are set to enjoy unlimited durability with this great knife. This antirust feature is particularly more effective around the cutting edge area.

Pros and Benefits

  • Multipurpose kitchen use
  • Great weight balance for effecting handling
  • Comes with antirust and stain resistance
  • Extremely sharp and durable

3. VK Damascus Serbian Cleaver Chopper Kitchen Chef Knife

It is one thing for a knife to be very fine, and it is another for it to be sufficiently efficient. By sufficient efficiency, we mean a blade that is ideal for all kinds of uses and is gentle enough to delicately cut through vegetables and still strong enough for a meticulous deboning process. Not just any knife will do the job. That is why we take great pride in recommending this brilliantly designed knife.

This VK brand knife is designed with the Damascus forging technique, which involves using heavy carbon steel for the blade. The blade is seven inches long and wide enough to give you cleaver support while you work on your favorite kitchen ingredient. Also, the blade is 3.55MM thick, and as such, nothing is too strong for it as far as regular meal preparation is concerned.

To give support and balance to the blade is the brilliantly designed pakka wood handle, which is 4.5 inches long. This handle is comfortable to handle and gives all the support you need for easy maneuvering. Overall, the blade comes protected with antirust properties so you can enjoy a lifetime of sheen, durability, and acute sharpness.

Pros and Benefits

  • Thick blade for multipurpose cutting use
  • Handcrafted sheath for easy storage
  • Edge protection for the blade
  • The proper balance for maneuvering

4. JNR Traders VKA5511 Serbian Cleaver Chopper Professional Knife

When it comes to emphasizing luxury, we dare to say this particular brand makes some of the most luxurious knives you may find in random retail stores. Luckily, this knife isn’t an exception, as the manufacturing process of this knife has details that reflect luxury and assurance of quality. Thus, looking at the sheath that comes with the blade gives a glimpse of the manufacturer’s effort.

The sheath is hand-stitched with beautifully tanned high-quality cow skin. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the sheath houses a blade made from forged alloy steel. This explains why the blade is so lightweight and yet so strong for professional use. Hence, maneuvering is very easy while cutting through all your favorite cooking ingredients.

The blade is seven inches long and rates over sixty on the hardness scale. Furthermore, the blade is reinforced with resistance against rust and stains to help prolong durability. The handle attached to the blade is made from refined rosewood, which is elegantly carved to give you a comfortable grip and sturdy support all through your cutting activity.

Pros and Benefits

  •  Elegantly carved rosewood handle with the ergonomic benefit 
  • Superior lightweight blade with acute sharpness
  • Overall long-lasting durability
  • Multipurpose use

5. Promithi Full Tang Handmade Professional Kitchen Chef Knife

Often, quality is determined by the value of excellent craftsmanship that goes into creating something unique. In this case, you are looking at a great knife that was meticulously crafted by the best hands in the blade making industry. This brand has been in business for decades and has summoned all the expertise that these years afforded them to create something unique.

We shall start by saying the knife is forged with a premium refined stainless steel material. This blade is crafted with easy maneuvering in mind, and this is why it weighs just a little above four hundred grams. It is then supported with full tang then goes into a handle designed for easy grip and comfort.

This knife is great enough to cut through all vegetables, meat, and it is even strong enough for deboning. You are looking at a knife that is crafted so that it is resistant against edge breaking and stains. You wouldn’t even worry about corrosion as the knife is also resistant to it. While handling the knife, you will realize that the knife comes with great balance in weight that makes handling very easy.

Pros and Benefits

  • Total equilibrium between the handle and the blade
  • Corrosion and stain resistant
  • Very lightweight
  • Well-crafted handle with full tang support

6. Warikf Hunters Serbian Chef Knife

Weighing just three hundred grams, one can boldly say even a toddler can handle this knife without any glitch. It is lightweight and very easy to maneuver while cutting through any kitchen ingredient, so it is one of the most professional chefs’ delight.

The knife is made using quality high carbon steel, and it is framed into a seven-inch superior blade. Both edges of the blade are given a delicate hand sharpening. Hence, the blade retains its excellent sharpness for almost a lifetime. The blade is also resistant to stains and rust, making it less sensitive to wear or damage that might happen over a long period of use.

Furthermore, the handle is riveted for perfection and safely houses the full tang blade to maximize support. The handle also offers a secure grip and proper balance that makes even the cutting job a lot easier. With a hardness scale rating of over fifty-seven, we say this knife is one of the best out there.

Pros and Benefits

  • Fifty-seven HRC rating
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Lightweight blade with reinforced antirust protection
  • Well-balanced for maneuvering

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How to Use a Serbian Chef knife?

The best way to use a Serbian chef knife is by mastering the holding technique. The handling shall be as though you are shaking a person. Shake the knife but by the time your hand settles, have your index supporting the blade by the side. Also, let your other fingers rest on the handle.

This holding technique gives you full control of the knife. However, be sure that you settle for a lightweight knife and has a reliable and comfortable handle. With this, you are good to go.


You certainly will do no wrong buying any of our listed best Serbian chef knives. Our team of knife experts has carefully selected each of the brands and products. Hence, you are bringing professional quality and efficiency into your home.

These knives offer the durability and quality that even luxurious Serbian knives will offer. However, you are not going to be breaking banks with these knives. Just select any that suits your fancy and enjoy a lifetime assurance of quality.