Top 11 Best Santoku Knife Reviews for 2022

The direct English translation of Santoku, which is a Japanese word, means three virtues. It can also translate to mean three uses, and this refers to the three distinct cutting styles that the knife is crafted for. The distinct cutting styles include mincing, slicing and dicing. In these santoku knife reviews, we shall take you through the best santoku knife categories you can choose from.

What is a Santoku Knife?

Best Santoku Knife Reviews

The Santoku knife is a precious Japanese knife. It has its origin in Japan, but currently, it has become a global kitchen signature as many countries worldwide now make it. The knife has received wide acceptance in the American market, so much that the name ‘Santoku’ is what the knife has to tie with its Japanese origin.

One may ask why this wide acceptance, but the answer is just readily available. This acceptance is due to its versatility when it comes to cutting. It can be used for almost everything in the kitchen, and while the knife is originally designed to cut, die or mince, it can practically be used for so much more. Thus, the knife is an essential tool every professional chef and the homeowner must-have.

Top 11 Best Santoku Knife Reviews

Rank Knife Blade Material
1 Wusthof 4183 Wusthof Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife High Carbon Stainless Steel
2 Shun Classic 7-Inch Hollow-Ground Santoku All-Purpose Kitchen Knife VG-MAX steel
3 Mercer Culinary Genesis Steak Knife x50 Cr Mo V15 Steel
4 Victorinox 7-Inch Swiss Classic Santoku Knife Stainless Steel
5 Global G-48 7-Inch Hollow Ground Santoku Knife Carbon Steel
6 Mac Knife MSK-65 Professional Hollow Edge Santoku Knife Alloy Steel
7 OXO Good Grips 6-1/2-Inch Santoku Knife Stainless Steel
8 Kai Wasabi Black Santoku Knife  1K6 high-carbon
9 Henckels Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife German stainless steel
10 Tuo Damascus 5.5 inch Santoku Knife Japanese AUS-10 Steel
11 Dalstrong Santoku Knife Japanese AUS-10 Steel

1. Wusthof 4183 Wusthof Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

Experience the best of German blade when you buy this Santoku knife designed to serve you durably. The knife is made from a single sheet of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel forged using the age-long high carbon technology. Hence, you are set to enjoy a very formidable knife.

We aren’t surprised about all the amazing features that this Wusthof knife carries. The knife is made in Solingen, German, and it has been home to exert blacksmiths for over two thousand years. Thus, you have rust and a stain-resistant blade that is given full bolster support to aid your hand while you get busy in your kitchen. The blade also features hallowed edges, which accounts for its excellent precision cutting features.

Furthermore, the blade is given a professional hand sharpening using a traditional whetstone to ensure you have perfect edge retention. Also, the handle is designed to aid your handling and maneuvering of the knife. The handle is riveted to secure the blade and ensure a secure and safe grip. In terms of the Rockwell hardness scale, the knife rates over fifty-eight. Making it just the ideal knife.

Pros and Benefits

  • Excellently crafted handle
  • Hallowed edge for precision cutting
  • Anti-tarnish protection for blade
  • Highly durable

2. Shun Classic 7-Inch Hollow-Ground Santoku All-Purpose Kitchen Knife

The Shun knife brand has been in the business of main quality kitchen knives, and this Santoku all-purpose knife isn’t an exception of how excellently crafted their knives are. This knife is handcrafted in Japan with the best high carbon stainless steel blade to ensure nothing but a formidable knife is offered for use in your kitchen.

To give your knife an excellent Damascus pattern and the strength that comes with owning a Damascus knife, the manufacturers have ensured they improve the strength of the knife using extra cobalt, chromium, tungsten, vanadium, and even carbon. Hence, you have a blade that rates excellently over fifty-eight in Rockwell hardness rate and overtly durable.

Also, the blade comes protected with antirust and stain resistance features, leaving your blade tarnish-free. The edge comes hallowed to give you a near lifetime edge retention and acute precision cutting. Furthermore, the handle is carved out of pakkawood for ergonomic support and secure grip. The handle is also resistant to water and moisture to give you safe handling in your kitchen.

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Pros and Benefits

  • Beautiful Damascus pattern
  • Pakkawood Damascus with an ergonomic advantage
  • Super durable blade with antirust feature
  • Perfect edge retention

3. Mercer Culinary Genesis Steak Knife

The blade is honed in a unique santoku style, but it can do way more than that. Hence, professional chefs have relied on this product to deliver excellent cutting skills on their steaks and meat generally. This is because this Mercer knife is just so easy to work with. The blade is perfectly balanced for easy maneuvering, and the edge is utterly sharp for a top-notch precision cutting experience.

The blade itself is made from high carbon steel forged in the historic Solingen city of Germany. Thus, you have a blade that is resistant to rust and stains. The blade is further supported with a full tang feature to give you proper weight balancing. This ensures easier maneuvering and handling. The tip hallows the edge, and the edge also features a taper-ground feature for easy honing and better edge retention.

Additionally, the handle is carved to support your hand ergonomically. It is made from Santoprene and designed to offer your hand support. Thus, a safer and more secure grip and handling are guaranteed. The handle is further assisted by a bolster, which adds to the knife’s durability.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy honing and handling
  • Hallowed edge for sharpness retention
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Anti-tarnish resistant feature

4. Victorinox 7-Inch Swiss Classic Santoku Knife

Here is a unique product crafted by the same hand that has crafted amazing knives for over one hundred years. This Victorinox knife made in Switzerland knife is crafted using the finest high carbon stainless steel. This gives it enough resistance against rust, discoloration and even stain. Thus, your knife has a flawless lifetime glow.

One thing we love about this design is how contemporary it looks, giving our kitchen a touch of elegance and modern class that it deserves. The handle is uniquely carved to accommodate your hands comfortably. The handle also assures secure handling without the fear of slipping or falling off. Also, this blade rates fifty-eight on the Rockwell hardness scale.

The handle is also responsible for balancing the blade rightly. Thus, it becomes easy to maneuver this European styled blade without stress. Furthermore, this unique santoku’s design combines features from a cleaver and a chef’s knife, and you get to enjoy extreme versatility with the knife. The hallowed edge with the Granton feature will also prevent food from sticking on the blade.

Pros and Benefits

  • Nonstick Granton blade with hallowed edge
  • Excellent hardness rate
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Anti-tarnish resistance

5. Global G-48 7-Inch Hollow Ground Santoku Knife

There are blades, and they are greater blades. This particular product falls under the latter category, and this is because the manufacturer (Global Knife) has ensured that the best went into crafting this beautiful masterpiece. The knife is an all stainless steel blade fortified with high-tech vanadium steel to forge this formidable santoku.

You will not only be able to mince, dice and slice with this knife, but you will do much more with it. This is because the knife is constructed to exhibit pure strength. Even the handle is made from stainless steel, and yet, you don’t get to suffer slipping off or aching hands while handling the knife.

The handle is dimpled for comfortable and secure handling. Also, the knife is protected to prevent discoloration, stains and even rust from forming on it. The edges are hallowed and sharpen to perfection to offer you top-notch precision cutting. With the hallow ground edge, you don’t have to waste time with too frequent routine sharpening. This santoku offers a kind of durability you wouldn’t find just anywhere.

Pros and Benefits

  • Durability and comfort
  • Hallowed edge for prolonged sharpness
  • Safe and secure handle
  • Resistant to discoloration and rust

6. Mac Knife MSK-65 Professional Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

Here is a Japanese made Santoku knife designed using the traditional method to create a santoku knife that functions exactly how a santoku knife is designed to function. The design gives you the luxury to cut all your kitchen ingredients effortlessly without stressing your wrist or hand. This is because the manufacturer has ensured that the knife is made with only the traditional santoku ingredients.

Thus, the blade is made from a mixture of alloy steel and forged stainless steel for a formidable and lightweight blade. This makes the knife very easy to handle and maneuver for various purposes. The knife is also very versatile and can be used both for professional purposes and regular home use. It is fortified to be resistant to rust and discoloration, and as such, it retains its glow for as long as you have it.

You can give this knife a proper hand wash and dry completely to further protect it from damage. The edge comes with hallow to ensure perfect edge retention. The knife comes with full tang support and a bolster to give support to the handle. The handle is made from pakkawood and carved to give a full ergonomic advantage.

Pros and Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to wield
  • Hallowed razor-sharp edge
  • Comfortable handle support
  • Full tang and bolster support

7. OXO Good Grips 6-1/2-Inch Santoku Knife

Cut through your ingredient with so much ease that cooking becomes a thing to look forward to. This is the product that will ensure you experience that flawless cutting time. You will equally save time and energy because the edge is acutely sharp enough to get your ingredient ready in no time.

The blade is made using the finest forged stainless steel, and it is given a hand sharpening process. Hence, the edge is made to deliver a high level of precision cutting experience. The edge retention is great. The blade comes with hallowed edges that help to retain sharpness for a long time.

Most importantly, the blade comes with resistance against general tarnish. The handle is also carved to accommodate your hands comfortably and give you a premium ergonomic advantage. It also helps to balance out the weight of the blade for easier handling and maneuvering.

Pros and Benefits

  • Great edge retention
  • Durable blade
  • Secure handle with ergonomic features
  • Non-tarnish protection

8. Kai Wasabi Black Santoku Knife

Enjoy all the three virtues when you buy this particular knife. The intricate values of a great santoku knife are embedded into the crafting of this knife. Hence, you can expect nothing but pure value for every cent you invest in this knife. You will see yourself cutting with so much ease and comfort.

This ease and comfort stem from the very making of the blade.  The blade is made from high carbon stainless steel forged and then bead-blasted to give the blade a lustrous finish that leaves your kitchen with a hint of class. The edge retention is amazingly wonderful and allows for more precision cutting.

Also, the edge is versatile and flexible enough for easy honing and maneuvering. The knife is protected against discoloration and general tarnish. Furthermore, the handle is made from polypropylene and designed to give you ergonomic ease and comfort. It also helps to balance the weight appropriately.

Pros and Benefits

  • Tarnish resistant
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lustrous finish
  • Super edge retention

9. Henckels Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

There is something about the Henckels brand that makes it outstanding out of a pack of cutlery items. This is the level of attention that is paid to details. That is why no santoku knife reviews will be complete without mentioning this premium santoku knife made in Spain.

The blade is crafted from genuine high carbon German stainless steel. This blade is fully forged to give you unprecedented durability. The edge is also hand sharpened to give you that razor-sharp edge quality you need for acute edge retention.

Additionally, Henckels has ensured that this knife is safe for use in the dishwasher, unlike many other brands requiring handwashing. The handles are carved ergonomically, and they offer unique comfort and a secure grip. It is also riveted to ensure that the handle is safe for use at all times. The handle also ensures a well-balanced weight for easier maneuvering.

Pros and Benefits

  • Secure handle grip
  • Protected blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Acute edge retention

10. Tuo Damascus 5.5 inch Santoku Knife

This knife of Tuo Cutlery brand is a true definition of luxury and efficiency. It is proof that you can have a beautiful knife that isn’t just only about aesthetics alone. This beautifully patterned Damascus knife is excellently crafted to render a top level of precision cutting that will help you get through cutting ingredients in no time.

The blade is made from Japanese stainless steel that is forged using the high carbon technique. In beating the Damascus pattern, the blade is made up of over sixty layers of stainless steel, making the knife durable and strong enough to cut through anything. As an advantage, the knife is made to be extremely resistant to corrosion or discoloration so the blade can enjoy a lifetime of sheen and glow.

Furthermore, the handle is made equally strong using high-density glass fiber. This glass fiber gives you enough support without getting deformed in the process. Hence, the handle helps balance the weight very appropriately and help support you in the cutting process without robbing your hands of comfort and ergonomic benefits.

Pros and Benefits

  • Extremely durable blade
  • High-density glass fiber handle with an ergonomic advantage
  • Razor-sharp edge with great retention
  • Dishwasher safe

11. Dalstrong Santoku Knife

Rating over sixty-two on a Rockwell hardness scale, there is no doubt that this Dalstrong knife is one of the best Santoku knives you can ever own. It is Damascus patterned santoku knife that is forged from premium Japanese stainless steel. The blade is then cooled off in Nitrogen to ensure more harness and inner core durability.

Thus, this knife offers you excellent strength when it comes to effortlessly cut your kitchen ingredient. The blade is particularly hand finished to give the edge an acute razor sharpness. The knife also features robust full-tang support to assist you in more precision cutting. Also, the blade is made resistant to discoloration, stains and even corrosion.

Furthermore, the handle is riveted to ensure it doesn’t snap while in use. It is arced to offer you ergonomic benefits that will ensure safe and secure handling and effortless grip. The handle is also resistant to moisture, heat and even cold. Hence with this unique knife, you can never fail to deliver.

Pros and Benefits

  •  Excellent Rockwell hardness rating
  • Full tang support
  • Resistance against corrosion and discoloration
  • Acute edge retention

What Should You Look for When Buying a Santoku Knife?

It would be best if you didn’t forget that a Santoku knife is designed to serve three major virtues: slice, mince and dice. Hence, the most important feature you need to watch out for in a good santoku knife is the edge. The edge will determine how thinly the knife can cut through an ingredient. Thus, any santoku with an edge above twenty degrees isn’t ideal.

Also, ensure that your knife is made from fully forged high carbon stainless steel. This gives your knife a certain level of durability and strength. It also protects the knife from damaging tarnishes like corrosion and discoloration. Ensuring that your knife comes with full tang support and is riveted is also key. No one wants a knife falling apart while exercising the three virtues of a santoku knife.

So, What is the best santoku knife?

Santoku knife is great to work through those juicy and sticky kitchen ingredients to get that desirable cutting texture. We want you to have the best Santoku knife to do all the dicing, mincing and slicing with. And our recommended is:

Wusthof 4183 Wusthof Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

Our team of experts has provided a comprehensive review of eleven top santoku knife brands you can trust. These selected knives come with a hallow edge blade and other features that a great santoku should have. We are sure choosing from this list will be the best decision you have made this year.