Top 6 Best Oyster Knives for The Money in 2022 Reviews

You sure would need a great knife to pop that shell of treat opened. What seems to be so comfortable in the hands of experts requires a great knife, with a nicely honed tip, to get the job done. Our team of experts have gathered six best oyster knives you can choose from to make the job of opening oysters faster and easier.

What’s an Oyster Knife?

Best Oyster Knives

New Haven Style

This style of oyster knife often comes with a shorter blade. However, the blade is often wider and comes with a curved tip that is pointed upwards. This way, you can always shuck the oysters without damaging the meat in the process.

Providence Style

This is almost like the new haven style because they both share the short but wide blade construction. However, the Providence style has a pointed tip that is straight and not curvy. Hence, it is best for smaller sizes of oysters.

Galveston Style

This is the style of oyster knife you buy when you are looking at dealing with large or medium size oyster. This style comes in a design that incorporates a longer blade. The blade is also wide, and the tip is rounded to give you a great advantage while shucking a large oyster.

Boston Style

Instead of a shorter and wider blade construction that most oyster knives have, the Boston style comes in a longer and narrower blade. Also, the tip is given a rounded tip than even the Galveston style knives. Hence, you get to shuck the oyster from the inside rather than shucking from the hinges.

Top 6 Best Oyster Knives Review

Rank Knife Blade Material
1 Toadfish Outfitters Pro Edition Teal Oyster Knife Set Stainless steel
2 Victorinox 7.6399.3-X1 Hooked Tip New Haven Style Oyster Knife Stainless Steel
3 Dexter Russell 2.75-Inch New Oyster Knife High Alloy Steel
4 HiCoup Oyster Shucking Knife & Glove – Shucker Kit Stainless steel
5 Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2 Professional Oyster Knife  3cr13 stainless steel
6 Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Stainless Steel Oyster Knife 420-stainless steel

1. Toadfish Outfitters Pro Edition Teal Oyster Knife Set

Experience a new level of comfort with this excellently crafted oyster knife. It is specifically designed to give you all the comfort and sturdiness you need to get the job done in no type. Hence, whether you are a professional chef dealing with oysters, or you want to buy an essential oyster knife for personal use, this oyster brand remains the best for you.

It is made from reliable stainless steel to form a formidable blade. The finish of the blade gives it resistance against stains or rust. Hence, you get to enjoy a limited lifetime of luxurious and sheen. The blade is given a sharp tip that helps you get through your oysters in the easiest of ways imaginable.

In the spirit of ensuring greener plastic-free environment, the handles are made from recycled plastic. The handle is carved to offer a full ergonomic advantage, and this works to ensure you have a safer and more secured grip as you shuck your oysters. Buying this knife means you have invested in an oyster knife that will endure time and serve you durably.

Pros and Benefits

  • Great handle with ergonomic advantages
  • Sharp tips for faster shucking
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Antirust and dustproof protection

2. Victorinox 7.6399.3-X1 Hooked Tip New Haven Style Oyster Knife

This model embraced the new haven style to the extent that is has a short but wide blade, and a curved tip that gives acute shucking to the oyster meat without. The blade is made with high carbon stainless steel, and this gives the oyster knife its resistance against rust, dust and even stains. What this means is that you get to enjoy a non-tarnish blade that is equally durable.

This Victorinox knife comes with a quality that ensures a sturdy and reliable blade. Comfort is the ultimate aim for this oyster knife, and you have that comfort to the fullest. Thus, while other knives may require handwashing only, this knife is safe for use in the dishwasher. Furthermore, it is compact and can be carried around for your oyster chucking. It can also be used professionally as you deem fit.

Also, the handle is given a robust base that settles your hand comfortable and makes for easier grip. The handle gives full ergonomic advantage to your hands and is resistant again slips. In terms of weight, this knife remains one of the lightest oyster knives you can ever get weighing just two ounces.

Pros and Benefits

  • Very lightweight
  • High carbon stainless steel blade
  • Antirust and dustproof resistance
  • Ergonomic handle

3. Dexter Russell 2.75-Inch New Oyster Knife

The combination of high carbon and high alloy to made steel for blade can only mean one thing which is perfection. Thus, you have a blade that is purely built to be robust, durable and at the same time extremely lightweight. You can carry this oyster knife around in your pocket without risking an extra visible burden.

Furthermore, the blade is designed in the new haven style with a curved tip that works excellently for chunking oysters. The blade is resistant to dust and rust, and regardless of how much you use this knife for oyster shucking and other similar purposes, you can be sure that the blade stays completely stain-free.

This particular knife can cut through from small to medium oysters almost effortlessly. Hence, experts love to use this brand for its durability, efficiency and class that comes with it. That class is almost due to its icy white handle that is carved to give you utmost comfort and grip. The handle is also slip-resistant and offers you a unique level of ergonomic benefits.

Pros and Benefits

  • Classy and ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight and sturdy blade
  • Stain, rust and dust resistance
  • Sharp curved edge for shucking

4. HiCoup Oyster Shucking Knife & Glove – Shucker Kit

Here is the type of shucking kit you need when you want to cut through your oysters efficiently, and you don’t want to do away with class. Every aspect of this kit oozes pure class, from the same blade to the glove that comes with it. Hence, you just found the best oyster knife and glove just in case you are looking for something in that category.

Unlike the very short handles that come with most oyster knives, this knife comes with a handle luxuriously carved from pakkawood to give it a well-detailed finish. The handle is then polished in such a way as to make it resistant to water and ensure it doesn’t slip off while in use. It is also riveted to ensure maximum support and shape in a way to allow ergonomic benefits.

Furthermore, the blade is made from premium high carbon steel with a mirror finish to add to the peck of luxurious perfection the knife is already designed to be. You even get to keep the knife in its sheath after use. To offer more protection for your use, you get to have a hand glove to protect you further while shucking an oyster.

Pros and Benefits

  • Mirror finish for blade
  • Luxuriously carved ergonomic pakkawood handle
  • Sheath and Gloves included
  • Acutely sharp edges

5. Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2 Professional Oyster Knife

You no longer have to wait for your partner to share a single oyster knife when a brand offers a two-in-one pack of oyster knife for almost the price of one. Hence, this brand is an excellent choice for personal use and helps save cost when you intend to purchase for professional use.

It comes with an all-wooden ergonomically designed handles that offer a safe and secure grip. It also comes with an included guide that helps you through the oyster opening and shucking, especially if you are a first-time knife user, unlike most other knives. The blade is fully tanged for the perfect handling and more precise cutting.

Furthermore, the blade is made from solid steel adopting the forge construction to ensure a thoroughly strong oyster and clam knife. It is also made to be resistant to stains, rust and other damaging elements. Hence, you have one of the best oyster knife set that money can buy.

Pros and Benefits

  • 2-in-1 ultra-sharp knife set
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Solid steel forge construction
  • Full-tang blade with antirust protection

6. Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Stainless Steel Oyster Knife

This knife is constructed to ensure the taste and quality of the mat you shuck out of your oysters isn’t damaged or altered. The steel was deliberately forged to allow for acute food protection. The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel and given a tipped point that helps in penetrating the toughest shell.

The knife is very easy to clean after use as it is safe for use in the dishwasher. The blade also comes with resistance against rust and dust to help ensure the blade stays durable and efficient for a long time.

The handle is constructed with a robust base and well-curved middle to ensure a safe grip and easy handling. When holding, you will realize your hands are cupped in the most ergonomic way there is. Interestingly, you will find that this blade is very affordable, even with its top-notch qualities and good durability.

Pros and Benefits.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher
  • Comes with protective gloves
  • A sharp blade with antirust features

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should an oyster knife be sharp?

You will realize that even a spoon can open oysters. However, what makes it easier is the sharp tip and robust steel support that oyster knife gives. Hence, an oyster knife has to be sharp.

2. What is the difference between an oyster knife and a clam knife?

The basic difference is that clam knives are often longer and thinner while oyster knives have broader and shorter blades. There are some brands with knives that can serve both purposes.

So, What is the best oyster knife?

Oysters taste heavenly when the meat is given the delicate treatment they deserve in terms of right shucking. We have given you six unique oyster knife brands that offer the most efficient and durable oyster knives you can find in the retail stores.

With these six best oyster knives, you will enjoy a faster and effortless shucking. This helps in saving time too. Hence, our experts have done the job, and the winner:

Toadfish Outfitters Pro Edition Teal Oyster Knife Set

And it is time for you to make your choice, but we assure you that your choice will be worth every cent you spend.