Best Juicers for Celery – Top 6 Reviews & Guides in 2022

Juicing celery is one of the most difficult tasks as far as extracting natural juice is concerned. This plant is rich in fiber and has stringy stalks which may build in your juicer, and makes it difficult to extract juice from it. Hence, you need the best juicers for celery to save time and get quality juice out of this nutritious plant.

Best Juicers for Celery

Top 6 Best Juicer for Celery on The Market

Rank Juicers Speed
1 Omega MM900HDS Masticating 200-Watt Celery Juicer 80 RPMs
2 Aobosi Slow Masticating Cold-Pressing Juicer 80 RPMs
3 Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor 80 RPMs
4 Koios Masticating Juicer Machine Slow Juice Extractor 80 RPMs
5 Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor 5-Speed dial control
6 Tribest GSE-5000 Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer 110 RPMs

1. Omega MM900HDS Masticating 200-Watt Adjustable Dial Celery Juicer

Beat your friends to making a premium celery juice with this best juicer for celery medical medium. It is specifically designed to help you get the maximum amount of juice available in your celery pulp without having to invest so much effort and time. You won’t only be getting a great amount of juice, but you will be getting a highly nutritious quantity too.

This is because this celery juicer is designed to work as a cold-press juice machine. Hence, all the nutritional values are carefully extracted in the form of a juice without harming any useful vitamins or enzymes with any internally generated heat. This extraction process is further assisted by a dual-stage masticating extraction process that removes all the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins in your celery from the minimum amount of celery put into it.

Furthermore, it comes with an adjustable celery end cup attachment and also an adjustable cap attachment for juicing other fruits and vegetables. While you are operating, you will experience a level of quietness that isn’t common with juicers. The silent operation is powered by a powerful motor that is an equivalent of 2HP motor. It also comes with three adjustable pressure mode you can always alternate from depending on the quantity of the celery you are looking at juicing.

Pros and Benefits

  • Adjustable cap and an extra attachment cap for other fruits and veggies
  • Three pressure modes
  • Quiet operation sound
  • Very easy to clean

2. Aobosi Slow Masticating Cold-Pressing Juicer

Most times, it is ideal for you to get a juicer that is multipurpose in functionality. You just don’t want to juice your celery, and the juicer then becomes useless. You want to do a lot with it. If this is you, this aobosi celery juicer remains one of the best celery juicers you can invest in. The slow masticating technique that this juicer comes with carefully helps in separating the juice from the pulp. Hence, you have the maximum level of juice per minimum celery input in the juicer.

Also, it operates using the cold-pressing method that allows you to enjoy premium nutritional value since no heat is required in juicing the celery. The auger spin installed in this juicer operates at 80 RPM low speed to ensure your celery goes through the perfect juicing method to ensure maximum value.

Furthermore, this device features a safety lock to ensure your kids don’t mess around it. You will also enjoy premium quiet operation with its powerful 150W motor. It also comes with a reverse function to help you get rid of stubborn pulps. Hence, it is easier to clean. It is also dishwasher safe.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Safe and quiet operation
  • Made from BPA-free materials
  • Comes with reverse function

3. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

This particular brand is very easy to use. This is attributed to the simplicity that comes with the design of this product. There are no complex components you might need to put together for an excellent juicing experience. However, this product comes with a seven-segment spiral opening that helps to separate the pulp from the juice to ensure the most nutritious juice is produced.

The juice is extracted using the best cold-pressing technique that ensures the juice isn’t exposed to minimal oxidation and no heat. It employs a powerful radio that runs at 80 RPM to ensure that your celery is slowly masticated and ground to ensure the best and healthiest nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals are present in your juice. You will experience no clogging and foaming when you sue this juicer.

Furthermore, it is used using the safest materials to ensure maximum health values. The materials are RPM free and safe PMMA materials. It is easy to clean and very easy to assemble. You will also enjoy quietness when it comes to this juicer. You don’t have to worry about all the noises that come with poorly constructed juice extractors.

Pros and Benefits

  • Made from the safest materials
  • Quiet and safe to use
  • Very easy to clean
  • No clogging and foaming

4. Koios Masticating Juicer Machine Slow Juice Extractor

This is one of the healthiest juice extractors you can get for yourself especially if you are a health fanatic. This is because it is made from the safest materials technology has given to us. The materials are made from the best baby food-safe BPA-free plastic, and it runs on a motor that comes with a 10-year warranty. This is one of the few mm900hds low speed masticating celery juicers the market currently has to offer.

The amazing thing about this extractor is the fact that it is very easy to set up, and very easy to clean. You can easily drop the parts in the dishwasher to have sparkling clean juicer parts. You also don’t have to deal with ridiculous noises. If you are also looking for a juicer that isn’t only great for celery but so many other fruit and vegetables. It comes with a cold-pressing technique that ensures your juice doesn’t get exposed to too much oxidation or heat that might damage the nutritional value in the celery or other fruits or vegetables.

The masticating power of this juicer keeps all the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in your celery intact to ensure the best nutritional value from your celery juice. It comes with three blending modes to give you the blending preference you most desire.

Pros and Benefits

  • Three-mode blending technique
  • Minimal heat and no clogging
  • BPA-free parts
  • Dishwasher safe

5. Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor

You can maximize the five-level speed mode function that comes with this juice extractor. This makes you leverage on the cold-press function to extract nutritious juice out of your celery. This will be extracted using minimal heat to ensure all the active enzymes, minerals, and vitamins remain in their true natural form. With a large three-inch feeding chute, you a set to juice every content of your celery.

When extracting your juice, you will also experience minimal foaming, all thanks to the foam-reducing filter basket installation within the juicer. It also comes with an LED indicator that lights up the control ring to make your extractor more appealing.

To make the exterior aesthetics even more appealing, this product comes with a stainless steel housing that is very easy to clean. The device also features an anti-drip system that ensures that spilling doesn’t occur during the extraction stage. Furthermore, this juice comes with a two-liter pulp container and a one-quart juice container.

Pros and Benefits

  • Five-speed blending mode
  • Safe and quiet to operate
  • Big pulp and juice container
  • Stainless steel exterior

6. Tribest GSE-5000 Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer

This is an all stainless steel design with a bio-ceramic magnetic twin gear construction that works together to ensure the freshest and most nutritious juice is on your table any time you want it. It uses the cold-pressing technique to ensure all healthy and natural nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are retained in the extracted juice.

It is very easy to clean and assemble as it doesn’t come in complicated parts that are difficult to put together. Also, it comes with a cleaning brush that allows you to get to the toughest places within the juicer. It operates at a slow 110 RPM to ensure the maximum amount of juice is extracted from the minimum amount of celery.

You are not just getting a juicer for your precious celery, but you are getting a juicer that will extract healthy juice from all fruits and vegetables. Hence, buying this quality extractor is an excellent investment. You wouldn’t even have to deal with loud noises that other random juicers make while blending.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Minimal heat and noise
  • Complete mastication system
  • Multipurpose function

Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

Celery juice is considered one of the healthiest juices recently discovered. It has so many health values that it becomes the most sought-after health drink. One of the commonest benefits is the fact that it is a great diet replacement for people who are looking at shedding some pounds off their weight. It makes an ideal first-in-the-morning drink after your regular work-out as it contains almost all the essential nutrients you need to kick start your day with.

Also, celery is rich in antioxidants that help in removing radicals or toxins from the body. Hence, it helps in reducing the risk of having cancer. It flushes out all the toxins from the body and helps to build immunity needed in fighting off infections and diseases. It has been scientifically proven that celery is rich in polyacetylene and luteolin, and these are anti-inflammatory agents that work excellently to prevent general inflammatory both inside and outside your body.

Since celery is rich in hydrochloric acid, it helps to break down and digest food much faster. It also contains properties that help to modify insulin and glucose level. Hence, it becomes a great natural drink for diabetic people or people with high blood sugar levels. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level. Fundamentally, celery is rich in all essential nutrients any human can ever need.

What Kind of Juicer is Best for Celery?

You cannot use the regular blender for your celery and expect to extract juice with the same nutritional value with celery in its most natural form. This is because the regular blender will not extract the maximum amount of juice from our celery, but instead, it would require so much celery for an average cup of celery juice.

Aside from this, other regular blenders generate so much heat that most of the essential nutrients, that are not so heat friendly, would have been destroyed in the process of getting your celery juiced. Hence, you need that special type of blender or juicer that will maximize the nutritional value as well as the content of your celery to your best advantage.

That is why the cold-press juicer seems to be the most perfect juicer for your celery. The cold-press juicer must also come with masticating property. The cold-press juicer does not generate the heat any other random juicer or blender would generate. Hence, with a cold-press juicer, all the nutrients and essential vitamins and enzymes in your celery are retained.

This means you can enjoy the most natural juice form of your celery without any fear of it losing its natural potency. Also, this cold-press juicer must have the masticating property because this helps you to extract juice from your celery slower and gentler. The slower and more gentle your juicer is, the more juice you will be able to extract without mashing up your celery into an ugly pulp.

The slow masticating process also helps to reduce the level of oxidation your celery is exposed to. All these are in an attempt to retain all nutrients in your celery. Furthermore, the fact that a cold-press juicer has been described to not generate heat doesn’t mean that heat is absent. However, minimal heat is experienced while juicing, unlike regular juicer or blender.

The best low speed for your juicer is 80 RPM, and all our listed juicers can help you achieve this. It is also very essential for your juicer to come in multiple speed modes so you can have options and juicing speed preferences. Having a juicer that comes with a container where non-useful pulps can be collected is also very essential. This helps to reduce the amount of mess you may have to deal with after juicing. Also, your juicer must be dishwasher friendly.


Celery juice is a very healthy drink, but it requires a great level of care to make the best and most natural juice out of several stalks of celery. That is why you need the best juicers for celery. They help you maximize your celery by extracting the maximum level of juice obtainable from your celery stalks.

It isn’t just about juicing the celery but about ensuring that the highest level of natural nutrients and essential enzymes are retained in the process. We have highlighted the products we trust to help you achieve this, and we hope you have a good time enjoying tour healthy celery juice.