Best Damascus Chef Knives – 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

To a professional chef, it is not about owning a knife, but it is about having a great knife. Thus, having a Damascus knife seems to be every chef’s dream. The delicately thin blade is ultra-sharp, and the patterns are aesthetically appealing. However, trying to settle for one of the best Damascus chef knives isn’t as easy as you might think.

Best Damascus Chef Knives

Top 7 Best Damascus Chef Knives Reviews

Rank Knife Blade Material
1 Enso Eight-Inch Chef’s Knife VG10 Damascus Steel
2 Zelite Infinity Eight-Inch Damascus Chef Knife AUS-10 Damascus Steel
3 Yoshihiro VG10 Gyuto Japanese Chef’s Knife VG-10 Damascus Steel
4 Greater Good Eight-Inch Damascus Steel Chef Knife VG-10 Damascus Steel
5 Xinzou Five-Piece Damascus Kitchen Knife Set Damascus Steel with 10Cr core
6 Allwin Eight-Inch Damascus Chef Knife 67-layer Damascus steel
7 Okami Eight-Inch Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel VG-10 Damascus Steel

1. Enso Eight-Inch Chef’s Knife

Attention is paid to every inch of this knife to ensure you have the best Damascus knife money can buy. The aesthetic finish is superb as it gives a luxurious feel every chef wants to have when handling a knife. This Damascus patterned knife is designed with high carbon Japanese stainless steel to ensure a flawless blade strength.

Rating sixty-one in the Rockwell hardness scale, this knife is one of the strongest Damascus knives currently in the market. What we love most about this knife is the fact that it is very lightweight, making it to be very easy to handle and use for the desired goal. The blade itself is hand-hammered to have a rough pattern finish that also helps to create a non-stick barrier between the blade and whatever you will cut with it.

Talking about the handle, the micarta handle gives the knife a completely classy look. The knife comes with a full tang that is triple-riveted in this black micarta canvas handle, giving you all the safety you need for a secured grip. Furthermore, the handle is carved to give you top-notch ergonomic benefits.

Pros and Benefits

  • Hammered blade finish for non-sticky effect
  • Top-notch handle with ergonomic benefits
  • Amazing aesthetic appeal
  • Ultra-sharp edge

2. Zelite Infinity Eight-Inch Damascus Chef Knife

We know you want no restriction with your Damascus knife, and this knife will give you no restriction. No matter what you want to do, this knife will do it for you. The manufacturers of this knife have made sure that the blade comes with an excellent edge retention technology that makes all types of cutting very easy and convenient.

Styled as a Japanese knife, the Damascus blade is made from quality high carbon stainless steel that is then hand-hammered and sharpened into an appealing patterned blade. The blade alone is made from over sixty layered stainless steel sheets that are precision-forged for a dauntless looking Damascus knife.

The aesthetic pattern on the blade is very luxurious as satisfying, making it worthy of buying. To give you an amazing grip is the ergonomically designed handle. It makes it very easy to hold as it comes with a non-slippery feature that is resistant to moisture and water. The blade comes in a full tang that is equally triple-riveted for more secured handling.  

Pros and Benefits

  • Resistant to stain and rust
  • Awesome rose pattern blade
  • Ergonomic handle with triple-riveted feature
  • Precision-forged with amazing edge retention

3. Yoshihiro VG10 Gyuto Japanese Chef’s Knife

Have you ever owned any knife with a solid mahogany wood handle? We don’t think so. The polymer and pakkawood handle is common on most knives, but this particular brand laid so much emphasis on luxurious finish that they sought the best type of handle for this Yoshihiro knife to make it stand out.

The handle comes with a full ergonomic advantage that you have a comfortable grip. The handle is also polished to ensure safe handling without the knife slipping off hen in use. To ensure the knife isn’t just about the handle, it comes with a blade that is made from high carbon stainless steel that rates over sixty in the Rockwell hardness scale. Hence, the knife has all the strength it needs to cut through your daily kitchen ingredient.

Furthermore, the blade comes with resistance against rust and stain to ensure the well-patterned blade retains its beauty for a lifetime. With sixteen layers of premium stainless steel, you know the knife was made ready to go through all sorts of food. The hammered blade comes with a further non-sticky feature that ensures that food doesn’t stick on the blade surface.

Pros and Benefits

  • Premium non-stick feature
  • Resistant to stain and rust
  • Luxurious mahogany handle with the ergonomic benefit
  • Long-lasting durability

4. Greater Good Eight-Inch Damascus Steel Chef Knife

For professional chefs and regular kitchen users that are all about class in the kitchen, here is a knife you can own to give your kitchen space that little peeks of luxury. Knives with wooden holders are boring, and the manufacturer of this knife doesn’t want to belong to the league of boring. Hence, they included a magnet holder to ensure that your knife is always elegantly in place.

The knife comes with an eight-inch blade that can cut through almost anything. It can handle both meat, vegetables, and other kitchen ingredients. It is supported by a half bolster that gives you all the support you need to cut through anything. The edge has an excellent edge retention feature.

Also, you should know the strength that comes with this blade. It is made from VG-10 stainless steel that rates over sixty in the Rockwell hardness scale. Hence, this blade will remain dauntless for a long time. It is resistant against rust and stains, and it is highly durable. It comes with an ergonomically designed handle that offers a very comfortable handling and secure grip.

Pros and Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Excellent Rockwell hardness scale
  • The amazing edge retention feature
  • Resistant to rust and stains

5. Xinzou Five-Piece Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

You don’t have to always buy just a single Damascus knife; you can always get a knife set. Here is the best Damascus knife set that helps you to get the most appropriate knife for almost everything in your kitchen. The knives in this set come in different sizes to suit almost all functions and food. Interestingly, the knives were made to give an amazing aesthetic appeal right from the exterior.

It isn’t just about the exterior, although hand-hammered to give a patterned non-sticky blade, it comes with an internal core strength that leaves it very durable. Each of these knives comes with a Rockwell hardness scale that exceeds sixty. Also, they are protected from rust and stain to ensure a dauntless look all year long.

Furthermore, the knives are given an interesting pakkawood handle that is ergonomically cut to ensure premium comfort. The handle offers a non-slippery feature that makes it resistant against water and moisture to ensure very secure handling. The handle also gives it a luxurious touch that is exciting to have in your kitchen space.

Pros and Benefits

  • Luxurious pakkawood handle
  • Resistant to stain and rust
  • Comfortable handle
  • Hammered pattern blade with excellent edge retention

6. Allwin Eight-Inch Damascus Chef Knife

This knife is styled to be a Japanese chef knife specifically designed to give you quite unrivaled durability. This knife is made with over sixty layers of stainless steel. It is precision-forged as a high carbon stainless steel blade that will last you for almost a lifetime. The blade is uniquely patterned to give an appealing look and luxurious feel when handling.

For a professional chef, an eight-inch knife can do a lot. This knife doesn’t just come with as an eight-inch knife, the knife comes with a Rockwell hardness scale rating of sixty-two, and as such you have all the core strength you need for cutting through almost anything. Also, the knife comes with a twelve-degree edge that is ultra-sharp for heavy-duty purposes.

Furthermore, this knife is lightweight, and this feature affords you flexibility and maneuverability. You will enjoy a very comfortable handling experience with this knife. It comes with an ergonomically designed handle made from pakkawood. This handle is further protected with a waterproof coat that ensures the knife stays tight in your grip, and not slip off while in use.

Pros and Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Protected against rust and stain
  • Pakkawood handle with a full ergonomic advantage
  • Non-slippery

7. Okami Eight-Inch Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel

Get yourself a knife that treats your food delicately. You don’t have to destroy the texture of your food with a blunt-edged knife or a knife that will leave your food with a metallic taste. The Okami eight-inch knife is designed that you have a feel of a luxuriously designed Damascus knife at an amazing price. The luxury of this product starts right from its packaging. Thus, you have a neat box that you can store this knife with when not in use.

This knife is made to last, and the manufacturer has made sure to include a limited lifetime warranty to assure you about this feature. It is made from the most premium high carbon VG-10 stainless steel that is precision forged, and hand sharpened to have ultra-sharp edge retention. This helps to ensure that you don’t have to sharpen your knife too often than desirable.

Furthermore, the blade is protected against rust and stain, and it has bolstered support that helps you through heavy-duty tasks. To ensure you have a comfortable handling experience is a pakkawood handle that is designed with full ergonomic advantage. The handle is further coated to ensure that it doesn’t slip off when in use or when handling moisty substances.

Pros and Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed pakkawood handle
  • Resistant against rust and stain
  • Bolster support for heavy-duty task
  • Precision-forged blade with ultra-sharp edge

Frequently Asked Questions about Damascus knives

1. What makes Damascus steel so special?

Damascus steel is special and widely famous for the patterns they have. This pattern is responsible for the appealing nature of their blade. The pattern could range from wavy darn or light pattern to a very dark watery mark pattern. Whichever the case, they are often very beautiful, and as beautiful as they are, they are also very functional.

Very functional in the sense that they have a very tough intensity, and at the same time, they are lightweight. Thus, professional chefs find them very easy to maneuver especially when dealing with food that requires that their texture is adequately maintained.

2. Are Damascus Chef Knives good?

You need to understand that the Damascus knife is often not made from a single metal. Often, they are made from several layers of steel to form a single intense blade. This makes them very strong because the layered steels join core together to give the Damascus blade a core with a very strong core.

The strong core is ensured because binding the layers of steel together requires a delicate process that ensures that all internal crack or pops are eradicated. Hence, what you have is a single blade that has the strength of many sheets of steel.  Thus, it doesn’t delaminate, and since the process of making it would have gotten rid of all the metallic impurities, this knife is great for chefs who seek to preserve food taste and texture.

3. How to sharpen Damascus steel chef knife?

Most Damascus knife of high quality comes with a great edge retention feature that ensures that you don’t get to sharpen them as frequently as you would other knives. However, there will still come a time when you will need to sharpen the edge. When this time comes, please put into consideration the type of Damascus knife you want to sharpen.

There are hammered Damascus blade that comes with a rough blade surface that works for the non-sticky purpose. Hence, when sharpening this kind of knife, always restrict the sharpening to the edge degree and not to the entire surface of the blade. A whetstone, electric sharpener, or a stainless steel file can work excellently to give the edge of your Damascus steel a fresh sharpness.


The best Damascus chef knives will leave you craving for more of this kind of knife. This is because the kitchen is a little bit fun with these knives. Cutting becomes easier and faster. The great news is that you no longer have to fall for those cheap and fake Damascus knives in the market.

In this Damascus chef knife reviews, we have reviewed seven amazing products that offer all the premium features you should expect from an original Damascus knife. Just pick the one that best suits your fancy and enjoy a limited lifetime of durability and effortless cutting experience.